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Currently working in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi as CPA. My profession never tells me who i am until i fangirl, read books, watch movies and do long night preppy talks over the internet. My ultimate dream is to own an empire. char! Began writing personal journals since 2000, eventually open this blog to publish the torn pages. Memories are my foods and I’d like to think that i have words smartly uttered.

Waxing till its aching no more

alright after a long hiatus of not updating my page i just have to post this one for the books! i have tried brazilian wax! i know its important for us girls to have a clean body, generally speaking rather, … Continue reading

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7 Tips for Building your Business while working your Day Job (2 min read)

1. Commit yourself to your dream. Having the desire for something to work vs. committing to it are vastly different. When you commit to your dream, you are making a binding obligation to see it through to success. It means … Continue reading

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Write To Express

Been into blogging for almost 7years. Still i treat myself as novice and beginner in terms of writing in cyberspace. I used to write my inner thoughts and feelings in my personal journal. It is so intimate that sometimes i … Continue reading

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The Weekend Warrior

For the past months i’ve been a home buddy and i hardly have time for socializing. How to unload this self- sufficiency syndrome is to go home on weekend and have a blast of fun with the people. My siblings … Continue reading

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