DTBY and KS: show parallelism

Think of remarkable DTBY scene so far and you will recall a stand alone picture. Now think about KS and you will not only recall the scene but also the emotion. Why is that. It is because of how the shot is presented in the frame. Lets delve into the KS perspective and in what aspect this so-called magic can be exploited in DTBY.

Given its spontaneity and limited resources (unplanned script, muted character mystery, real time relationship – no interaction in outside world), the show has unique way of presenting a story through a 3-frame shot. How did they utilize it is by emphasizing emotion. a muted yaya dub has no voice/dialogue to convey her thoughts but they maximize her presence through her facial expression. “Unang ngiti with matching pabebe wave” became a trademark. Maine has many faces. And that is a distinct talent among her contemporaries. She become the dubsmash queen not only because of her genius timing in dubbing but the many faces as well as emotions she portray.  Now how it was incorporated into the KS element, it is through close up shots. It is basically a shot taken on face level. It is used to show content importance and to heighten emotion. So the limited space in the frame force them to cut and present only the important element- the characters emotional response. That’s the splitscreen magic.”kilig na tagos hanggang bone marrow” The reason why most viewers felt the intensity of it being relatable is that you watch it as if yaya dub/alden is just on the other end of the tube. But this technique cant be used in DTBY format-wise. However, a character-driven shot is attainable.

Lets take for example the plywood scene. I love how they used a middle shot when Maine was being caught off guard seeing Alden for the first time. Her teary laugh, her eyes sparkle- it was exposed. You can actually feel how overwhelming it was for her. Then you see Alden on the opposite side in a shoulder level shot giving off an almost silhouette vibe. It felt like it was shot in Maine’s point of view. Everybody was given a peek of Alden in the eyes of Maine. Though not in a straight cut splitscreen format, the shot was taken in respect of telling a story exposing directly to viewers. The intensity is apparent even in still photos. They let us witness and be part of the tale.  (Definitely my most favorite KS episode.)


As for DTBY material, characters are now purely fictional. Its mainly the actors interpretation of their roles are being presented. The dynamics of Alden and Maine is a give away to every directors. Their chemistry is natural and on how it will transpire to the screen is by exposing it. Every interaction they made whether they are on a material or just in laidback social media stints, the little details magnifies. Kaya nga AlDub lang sapat na. So given with this structured material the least they could copy from KS is the AlDub element. Not the spontaneity, not the characters’ (goody) image, not the sudden appearance of incoherent material (things that gives no consistency to the story) and  not even Lola Nidora. In a more technical manner, AlDub element is the close up shot in face level. The shoulder shot for a triumvirate conversation. Longer screen time of their interaction. Thus, they execute viewer connection effortlessly.  Kahit maglandian lang sila you will still be entertain. This is what makes them team real- not only in status (i assume) but also in execution.  Im hoping the production team will play into this in the coming weeks as Sinag and Benjie will have more screen time together. Build the tension by giving  a focus not the pacing. After all Alden and Maine are the eye candies.

My favorite shot so far.



However if using spontaneity, the production team should be quick enough to capture a shot stealer and not to missed any opportunity for exposition. That scene where Sinag is secretly making “kilig face” after walking past Benjie is a missed shot.They can make it middle shot for Sinag and close up for Benjie. Spontaneous execution deserves a variety of camera angles. (In KS where the camera is steady, character adjust for the angle)


This is a missed shot.


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