Review Episode 2: #DTBYArchitectBenjie

The HT is fitting actually that i can recall Alden’s man boobs. Since yesterdays episode is their establishing plot, now they start telling a story from Benjie’s side. Flashbacks are appropriate for character background while using a montage.  Then here comes the mourning Lotlot in his husband’s grave recollecting their struggles. Im oh-so ready for dramatic scene since this is Alden’s forte. But then they slowly transition it just like how they presented a flashback. This is in present time. I want to mourn and empathize Benjie too. Give me time to feel that sadness. There is a lot of pain to consider in the past, let the guy wallow in present. “saktan nyo ako” please dont fast forward that scene. “walang magmomove on”  I just feel they betrayed Benjie. The guy was crying in pain let him have his moment so i can sympathize him when he’s trying to be a jerk. But i guess, yeah he is a womanizer period.

Pain is good so as to contrast with Sinag’s vibrant life…and friends! I like the ensemble. No doubt they are what their characters are. Scene stealer is RJ Padilla – radio drama sound effects, “puputok na..(ang utot)”. He is also a natural and hopefully his character will have substance in the future like giving Sinag insights too (along with Ninay)? unlikely but interesting. Juancho’s character is getting there. With his husky voice im sure he will give Benjie a good competition soon. Let him be more closer to Sinag please. i almost forgot, Sinag’s prank call is the highlight of the night! Maine proves she’s one of kind. honestly i don’t want the comedy side to overpower the drama. Balance is good for our emotion.

The story is good so far but the picture is slowly lowering my excitement. The opening scene in the pilot, – the train meeting, the hype is there since it was beautifully executed. Then this episode with some dry “kroo kroo” sequence. Maybe this is something to do with the video quality which is non-negotiable. what to do when that is all there  is. Lets move on from HD sentiments and play with the basics. They can manage with cinematography and scoring right?  Close up shot equals character emotion. Musical scoring to avoid “kroo-kroo’s”. Long shot but don’t compromise the lighting. I have to agree with some viewers point, it feels like an afternoon series. But hey its still the 2nd day. Cheering you DTBY team! You can do better.


Benjie at his (dim) house


Can i see your worried face Benjie?

 Watch: Destined To Be Yours Episode 2: Ang pangarap ni Benjie


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