Review: Destined To Be Yours World Premiere


The pilot episode is a take away. Its already given that Alden & Maine exudes natural chemistry and i like that they feature them together in one scene for a first episode. The pace is fast. Some would-be story arc is solved. Not dragging but still left you hanging. I have points to highlight though.

  1. The significance of the “hand” of destiny is subtly emphasized. There is this sculptor that means a lot to Sinag’s parents where destiny for them has already established. Then Teddy talking to Sinag about that sculptor is telling that he pass the fate to his daughter. In which the next scene is a flashback of little Sinag and her destiny giving her a hand representing the sculptor. It was a solid statement of the story. one of the goosebumps moment. Nakakaiyak. Also if they will present other relationships (Juancho character with Sinag), it is safe to explore.
  2. The Eboy-Sinag story. it was not exploited well which is good for a premiere. It backs up Sinag’s view on life and her stand as a character. The shots were a montage of their journey and one will actually think if there is all Mark Herras is – a pilot guest only. Or could there be more flashbacks in the future since divulging their past affair seems interestingly light and cute. well, its because watching innocent Sinag having her first heart broken is endearing.
  3. Although Alden is a given talent, not much have been presented on his prowess. While his character will have more dramatic arc as presented from his background, they introduce him as a happy and hopeful who is eager to move forward. Here comes the conflict. We saw that Benjie’s father help Teddy in the bus incident which cause his demise. Will Benjie carry a grudge towards Sinag’s father and play this blame-game arc every Pinoy TS portrays. Hopefully not.
  4. Maine is synonymous to natural. Compare to her previous portrayals, i like her more as Anna in MBL as what she is as Sinag. Her character is a chameleon and we saw her different flavors in one night. A cutesy crying innocent Sinag, a sarcastic dj sunshine and the charming yellowish Sinag in the train. I also observed, or hunch that some of her dialogues are ad-libs particularly her last  with Gardo’s hugot. She  blurted ” pagnandito si nanay…” since Sinag told her father to not be so dramatic. It is her character instinct and thats what makes her a timing genius. On her crying scene, shes cute as a high schooler’s puppy love heart break should be. its not cinematic tear-jerkier rather than audience will empathize her more.
  5. If i were to pick a title for this episode, its obvious Hand Of Destiny.Its not the typical “once a upon time” shots of sequential events since flashbacks are apparent. (the first meeting, bus accident, Eboy story, Teddy’s hugot) The train meeting is parallel to their first meeting – serendipity. All of the shot were interconnected and somehow you conclude that this might be a prologue. Overview of the whole; there’s a start but not fully explored, conflicts in the middle is interesting but will not mislead, and ending that will thank the presentation of the beginning


Watch: Destined To Be Yours Pilot Episode


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