Siblings day awesomesauce

Spending weekends in Dubai is definitely one of my stress reliever (along with my fangirl bustle). There are already numerous times of friday hangouts with my siblings but what hit me yesterday was to finally attend the mass together– for the first time here abroad. You see, i only have small joys but rare moments are always very dear to me.

Yesterday was just a normal day to begin with. I sleep in my sister’s beside her. Though her bed is not fit for two plump adult ladies i just have to and she got no choice. We sleep around 3am since thursday nights were a no-stress-but-all-fun-times. Woke up around 9am doing the same routine of watching Eat Bulaga livestream. After almost two & half hour, i got out from bunk and have some small brunch, took a bath and have a 10 minute nap from in between my social media stir. Nothing special. No plans to look forward whatsoever. Then a knock was heard from the door. Nanang and the rest of my siblings were already in their go-to outfits. Still in my languid mood, I asked my sister what are we going on about. She then replied we are going to Dubai Riverland! Sounds exhilarating. We then proceed without plain sense of timetable. Its our first siblings day out with Kuya’s new own car. Finally no more monthly bills payment for him thanks to  Kuya Dennis And Ate Van’s handed-down auto. Its a long ride going to the place really that it feels like im going home to Abu Dhabi. The joy of riding makes me feel cheery while leaning my head on the window pane watching the vast scenic view of Dubai wishing that i will live there in few months time. That there will be more happy weekends spent, more bonding time and more workshops/meet-ups to attend to. Although siblings rivalry is inevitable, i wont mind for as long as i cook my own food. Thats all that matters to me–food. 🙂

We arrived at the place past 30mins. I thought it was like Global Village for one stop tourist spot but the entrance serves as the gateway to all things parks and beautiful — The Legoland, Bollywood Parks, Riverland and the soon to be open Motion Gate! We did a lot of selfies, photos, shots and #mannequinchallenge. It was a great day indeed.

We exit the park maybe around quarter to five and planning to next stop at IMG worlds but plans have change straight away. Kuya wanted to visit us at Jebel Ali Church since its friday and its near. I did not realize how happy i was until i step inside the church and heard that mass is on going. I felt a sudden pang in the heart. A glorious feeling mixed with guilt and longing. For the past months, i haven’t actually taken time to talk with God intimately and be able to express my gratitude. It was all about myself and my wants and unanswered prayer that leads me to be where i am. A tug of war between my spirituality and carnal desires. My heart’s throbbing as we go inside like a prodigal son yearning for the welcoming hug of a Father. I usually attend mass on my own in Abu Dhabi and i treat God as my distant strict parent but that moment open my heart and He let me feel how i miss the times we were happy together–like how happy i am with my sibling’s company. It was transcendental. I got teary eyed and the only thing i said the whole time while listening to the Homily was “I Love You” repeatedly in silent prayer. That was the only words coming from my heart that slipped through my mouth. I was taken aback how things turn to be so striking that day that all the times i  brooded over the selfish things i want have flash through my mind. That i did not understand How God works and yet He always understands, always there to listen. That i just have to wait the perfect moment He sets in and enjoy the best things in life by the presence of my siblings. I am genuinely happy. I just need to trust and have faith in Him. He is always there never forsaken me. He is always present.


About larrythess

Move to Dubai from Abu Dhabi. Currently working as Financial Accountant. My profession never tells me who i am until i fangirl, read books, watch movies and do long night preppy talks over the internet. My ultimate dream is to own an empire. char! Began writing personal journals since 2000, eventually open this blog to publish the torn pages. Memories are my foods and I’d like to think that i have words smartly uttered.
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