How to Book in Airbnb

One of the most challenging in budgeting a tour is looking for a cheap accommodation. considering its my first tourist travel abroad all the more i choose Japan, looking for a less expensive hotel takes patience and month long planning. (knowing i’m all that thrifty too) Luckily i stumble with this awesome site and its very recommendable to a traveler like me. Stop looking for hotels and grandeur overlooking sky crapper, traveling is so much fun if you embrace the place – the culture, the people and their ways of living. Try Aibnb – it is an online marketplace that enables the people to list, find, then rent vacation homes of the locals.

Here’s the official website of Airbnb home

Take Note: Visit only the official website of Airbnb using https – denotes a secured feature.

  1. Sign Up. Create your own account. Either using your email address or link it to your FB profile. For me i link it to my fb profile for easy access. Why do i need to sign up i will use it only one at a time every trip? while we go on trips very often only, Airbnb is a peer-to-peer accommodation marketplace and human interaction between a host and traveler is essential. The host will replace the traditional receptionist but not limited to the vicinity, the host will also answer your under the sunshine questions in the chat box feature of the site.
  2. Profile Edit. Get verified. This is important before booking. It doesn’t take time to get that blue check mark anyway. All you have to do is add your  contact details (just to make sure your not a robot) Options for verified id; email address, mobile number, Facebook link, copy of offline passport. Don’t worry not all details are required at least 3 of that should be verified including offline passport.  If i don’t get verified, can i still use Airbnb? you can still browse list of share house but your reservation may get on hold as approval depends upon host discretion.
  3. Search. Just like trivago, agoda and bookings websites, the site lets you choose thousands of vacation homes. Instant book feature marks a space is fully booked oftentimes. You can bookmark as many space if you want and pay later. Space profile include details such as price, amenities, house rules, imagery, and detailed information about their neighborhood.
  4. Chat. There is a feature on the site which you can message the host directly and ask questions regarding the property, but it is only enable if your reservations are already accepted. You can also coordinate meeting times and contact information with your host. (Im friends with my prospect host now on FB).
  5. Reviews. Since security for Airbnb users is a frequent question, profiles of each porperty contain recommendations, reviews, and ratings to build credible online reputations within the platform. Better read before clicking that reserved button.

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