Two reasons the Philippine National Election may go south

We will look at two other factors that are pushing the voting public to irrational decision-making, where irrational is voting for candidates without the nation’s well-being first and foremost in mind:

  • The youthful population and its emotional, uninformed, reactive ways
  • A political system that puts into office people who do not receive a majority of votes

Youthful population

Let me speak in generalities which can be wrong for a lot of individuals but correct as to tendencies. If you believe my assessments are incorrect or need to be shaded differently, you can explain this in the discussion section that follows the article.

The Philippines is young. Of 56.4 million registered voters, 37%, or about 20 million, are between the ages of 18 and 35 [“Comelec: 54.6M voters sign up for 2016 polls“; CNN Philippines].

Most of these voters have no meaningful knowledge of or connection to the Spanish, American or Japanese occupations, or even the Marcos dictatorship which ended in 1986. They are likely not even aware the details of the more recent plunderings by Presidents Estrada and Arroyo (1998 to 2010).

Furthermore, these voters, like those engaged in social media around the world, are moving fast and shallow.  There is no timeline front or back beyond what is happening on their cell phones and social media today. They come to conclusions quickly and defend their choices with declarative statements, insults and arguments that often make no sense whatsoever. They reject knowledge as an affront to their self-ordained wisdom [“The confidence of the dumb“; Society of Honor]. Oh, yes, there are many, many exceptions. But the mass emphasis is predominantly on “social” engagement, or “fun”, and not “knowledge” or “enlightenment”.


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Source: Two reasons the Philippine National Election may go south


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