Kapusong Concert: Meeting Unexpected People

January this year, i have experience the “Alden Richards effect” and how everyone’s got all excited. March 10. Almost two months apart since his last concert here in Dubai.And with that small span since the last, building the excitement among casual and loyal fans might be a hard work but it proved me wrong. The Aldub Nation here in Middle East  were as thrilled as the first concert and this time, Alden together with his Kapuso friends were going to entertain us. They were none other than the traffic diva Aicelle Santos and Ms. Antoinette Betong Sumagaya. A comedian, a diva and a heartthrob all in one stage. Sure a spice of everything! Fans in all ages will definitely show up. From noisy teeny boppers, to working lads, titas of UAE and even Lolos, i can only imagine.

Word is i never thought i’d be going for this concert. Haven’t bought any ticket yet until 3days left when Tin, my fellow Aldub friend, PMed me that she got extra tickets and its for free. I was happy. General admission is still to die for after all. What i really missed is the VVIP privilege of Meeting & Greeting the Golden Trio. Since i was not present during that time, my friends Noreen & JM kept sending me “ATM” pictures just for me to be updated. How sweet! I am amazed what the crowd was especially when they send me pictures of a three Lolos on the corner which they took secretly.


I mean are they not lost?  But they seem to be attentive and focus to the front which appears to be where the stage has been set. Enjoy you two was all i said mentally when i don’t see updates anymore. I wish i could meet the three Lolos the following day if i ever got the chance to bump them in the queue.

Concert day! i was ready to fall in line for #teamGenAd when Tin gave me & Bhartz the VVIP pass from Tita Dory. She couldn’t come and the her seats she bought will only be bring to naught if no one could avail. Yay! Thanks Tita, lamyu. As we were talking, i couldn’t help to glance sideways as a familiar figure caught my attention. The three Lolos were waiting in line chit-chatting with each other. How cool is that?! Im not gonna lie, i miss my Lola somehow and seeing them lining in the crowd of giddy fans is such a sight. Like a lost puppies all too cute! Beside them, i hunch it to be the granddaughter of one lolo. The next thing, i found myself chatting with them especially Ate Rosemarie. She told me the lolos were siblings and they were Lolo Tom, Lolo Dani and Lolo Eddie. Its her vacation treat for the folks. The three should have flown and ended their vacation already  first week of March but when Ate rose heard and confirm that Alden’s second concert here in Dubai were final, she couldn’t let the chance to pass around without her favorite visitors to experience The Pambansang Bae on stage. She planned an extended surprise vacation for the three!

Ate Rose shared that their family had this groupchat wherein they could keep in touch relatives from Tuguegarao-Bulacan-GenSan. Ever since their family is Eat Bulaga fan and obviously, kalyeserye episodes were somehow got them connected and endless stories are shared online. When her mother died September last year, she couldn’t hide to share how her last mother’s wake look like.  They were all glued to their TV watching Kalyeserye laughing even in their lowest time. But after three months, Lolo Tom’s wife died. I can only imagine how tragic this family had gone through the past year. While Ate Rose was sharing their story she broke our chat with ” good vibes good vibes lng” pointing out  that let bygones be bygones. Sure this was her way of coping up along with her folks. The extended vacation were a surprised even until the day the three lolos were going to meet the Alden Richards.

Tinanong ko sila ano gagawin nyo pagnakita nyo si Alden Richards ngayon?” said Ate Rose recalling their meet & greet expereince.

Magpapapicture!” said Lolo Dani who dont have any clue why they were told by ate Rose to dressed up semi-formally. Then at the venue, pictures of GMA artists were plastered everywhere and for sure it will only add up to confusion. (Might also the reason of the stolen pictures of the Lolos). Then tadaaa..



When ate Rose and I were talking along the queue, the Lolos were beside us quietly listening and beaming at the thought of they just got pranked by their daughter/neice. I can see in their eyes how happy they were being reunited and made them cope up with the happenings. Its really amazing how Kalyeserye touch the lives of people in different age. Really inspiring how Alden -and Maine too, put a smile back on every ones faces.


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Move to Dubai from Abu Dhabi. Currently working as Financial Accountant. My profession never tells me who i am until i fangirl, read books, watch movies and do long night preppy talks over the internet. My ultimate dream is to own an empire. char! Began writing personal journals since 2000, eventually open this blog to publish the torn pages. Memories are my foods and I’d like to think that i have words smartly uttered.
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3 Responses to Kapusong Concert: Meeting Unexpected People

  1. Jonahmay. says:

    GREAT to share! ❤
    i miss you Lars.. #sepanx
    seeyah soon!!

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