Lessons We Learn from Maine Mendoza’s Life

For a short period of time, her star rise so fast that even a longest running show overwhelms the hype. Not formally introduced to the entertainment industry, she opens herself without reservations through her personal blog. The charisma she brings is definitely magical. Personally I am amazed and inspired by this young lady’s disposition in life. So i made a list of how we can learn life lesson in Maine’s way;

  1. Be true. Express your other side even it its weird. If you don’t want to be misunderstood, speak up. May it be directly by telling the person or Being frank is different from being rude. Honesty is not only be manifested in dealing with people but more importantly to yourself.
  2. Pray without ceasing. Wait patiently. Never give up.Praying is when we open the door for God to come into our problems and situations and work on them. it  makes us partners with God.  And it can be so much a part of our life that we don’t even realize how much we pray – like breathing. Then we can get through patience in everything.
  3. Generosity is believing that you have enough to be grateful for. Maine believes that she is a blessed person and acknowledge that she grows up with a silver spoon. When we recognized how grateful we are to in terms of basic needs, we get to appreciate life and share it with others. Remember an acts of generosity, big or small, always generate miracles of life.  Generosity begets generosity and creates a circular flow of compassion and gratitude.
  4. Believe that everything will fall to its place. Dreams do come true. Bet everyone will agree on me with this! From being a dubsmasher, who would’ve thought that a simple girl with humble beginnings will stumble to a worldwide phenomenon. Nobody expected this to happen, not even Alden or Maine. I say destiny! Its written in their stars! Dreams will come eventually.
  5. Smile. Being positive in spite and despite of everything. Having read quiet a few blogs around cyberspace, i will say Maine’s blog struck me the most! Her positivity radiates in every word she writes. Staying positive when she thinks her world is crumbling around is no easy task and yet, she stands still looking for real happiness.
  6. Experience life. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Go and explore things normal people do. When i read her blog, i ask how many time this girl fall and be broken for love? But no instead, i realized that life itself is neither fair nor unfair; it simply is whatever it happens to be. There is no evil being out there trying to fall for the next guy, trying to trip you so that you stumble and fall. Circumstances may try to bring you down, but not life itself.
  7. To God be the glory. Be always grateful. Even when she cant fully voice out her side as of writing, she’s grateful to God. And everything that has happen and is will happen is all for the Glory of God!
  8. Honor your Parents. Family is the backbone of society and our first love. Seeing this rich family yet so simple is very admirable. Maine doesn’t forget to pay respect to her parents when ask how will Alden court her. Know that parents play an irreplaceable role in our lives and whoever new person or love that will come to our life, it is still best to let them in.
  9. Money and comfort will not label you, character does. On point!
  10. Surround yourself with the people you love- good family, happy friends! Surround yourself with the people that make you happy. People who make you laugh & do wacky faces. People who genuinely care. They are the ones worth keeping in your life after all.
  11. Love the people who love you. Give them gifts, time or just your presence. i remember what Maine said when she gave an advance gift to Janica a week before her birthday, ” Bakit mo pa patatagalin (ibigay ang gift) kung alam mo namang mapapasaya mo” True enough! When you love a person, show it. Act on it! Make them feel that they are special.
  12. Be very cautious in handling social media. There are plenty of good things about social media — but also many potential dangers and things that you needs to be avoided. Creating a page for social networking site comes with an increasing number of risks. So know first hand what is it and how it may affect other’s projection towards ourselves. Simple put, think before you click.
  13. The first step to success is believing that you will succeed. When you believe that you can achieve something, it somehow seems easier to do it. The road to success is paved with obstacles, but learning to not take everyone’s opinion into consideration is somehow empowering. When Maine posted on her IG about doubting at the same believing in herself, you gotta admit she’s getting there!

Maine somehow embodies every girl’s inner struggles and yet has conquered the universe. Having been rise up from with silver platter, she’s no ordinary girl. Sayo Menggay, saludo ako bunso!


About larrythess

Move to Dubai from Abu Dhabi. Currently working as Financial Accountant. My profession never tells me who i am until i fangirl, read books, watch movies and do long night preppy talks over the internet. My ultimate dream is to own an empire. char! Began writing personal journals since 2000, eventually open this blog to publish the torn pages. Memories are my foods and I’d like to think that i have words smartly uttered.
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