Face Reading from Fellow Beloved Aldub Nation

So i happen to jump from blog to blog and surprisingly met a few wonderful people around internet. I get to enjoy reading one blog about face reading of Alden and Maine. Luckily, the writer is generous to offer her service. This is what she found out about me.


Larry Thess has gorgeous features to be proud of! The face is revealing of personality traits as some features form through time contingent on life experiences and the paths an individual chooses to take.  Personality traits are general characteristics or traits that normally manifest.  Personalities are not absolute. (Hard to admit but yes. reading myself in my past journal entries i still get surprise on the things i did before. Who knows what will i be in the coming years. ha!) And in these readings, psychological principles and theories to expound on traits. And to be more personal, permission from the querant (the person the reading is for) is more encouraging.

Larry Thess’s face shows a major influence from her mother.  Principles are formed from her mother’s guidance which is/ was not received with resistance.  But people of this type normally gather and form their belief system in their 30’s when former principles will be tested and challenged.  The path towards path to self and life discovery shall unfold so 30’s will be a bumpy but necessary and productive time! (Oh my! I’m in my late 20’s so buckle up self, your journey to 30’s will be a hell of a ride)

An inquisitive and curious mind Larry has!  She is inclined to study or take activities and career with more intellectual applications.

Her eyebrows show a very logical and confident nature, especially in your private life!  Facts are her grounds for decisions!  People should watch out!  She cannot be coaxed or sweet-talked!  Show the figures, the growth potential because this girl is not a fan of flowers and a grand party to sign a deal! More so, Larry can be direct with words! Caution, Larry, because not everyone can handle directness and categorical statements even with truth behind it. Sympathy and careful selection of words will give you advantage. (hahah so this is the reason why I’m still single. oops! i do get frank sometimes and i recognized it in seconds after i throw the words. Then i sulk in the corner thinking about it the whole time.Congruent with my presumed physique of Larry, she is inclined to be competitive, a body type of most middle children. ( Eric Fromm assigns a family background of supportive parents to people like Larry.) (Note. I’m the youngest in the family but between me and my older sister, I’m the most trusted by my parents. so maybe I’ll consider myself as half youngest half eldest.) Logical and competitiveness are ingredients of leaders or decision makers.  Solutions-oriented, Larry is a puzzle solver!  However, to allow emotions to come forth  and be accounted for in decisions will help  maintain good relations.  Being aware of the emotional content and dynamics of matter will help mobilize plans and goals more smoothly. Also, not readily open about her life, she keeps her thoughts and feelings to herself and opens up through time. Trust is gained through time as well. (Guilty as charged. i have this feeling that my life is not as interesting as anybody so most of my private thoughts i keep it in my journal. some of them i blog it, some i tell it to one of my trusted friends who i feel can understand me. )

Her nose is her greatest asset! it indicates abundance– spiritually or professionally!  Goodluck!  Either Larry shall build a foundation to help the disadvantage or earn huge amounts or acquire properties– in her 40’s! ( so I’ll wait 2 decades to unfold this. But I’m excited! After all, finding your purpose in life must be very fulfilling) Looks like your choices have led you to these blessings!

Her lips show lots of energy and value for relationships!  Good girl!  Although generally unemotional, Larry will stick with people and take care of them in a Larry kind of way! (hahahah that unemotional description! Let loose Larry!)

To recap, Larry’s features indicates is one who takes time to study and contemplate but can be decisive.  Traits of leaders, She is inclined to make good plans and execute them well and scoop her loved ones along the way! Abundance is also a path she is leading to in her 40’s after finding a grip on her belief system and her identity in her 30’s.

Hope this is helpful! Aldubest to you!


To be honest i never wanted anyone to read what lies ahead in my future or myself. This really surprise me in a lot of ways more particularly the things that will happen in my 30’s and 40’s-  a late bloomer!

To Ms. Elize Corrilia, Thank you for taking time to grant my request. More power to you! Aldub you

To my readers, if you happen to read this take time to visit her blog and follow her on Twitter.

http://www.redchalkdust.wordpress.com – twitter @Aldubest



About larrythess

Move to Dubai from Abu Dhabi. Currently working as Financial Accountant. My profession never tells me who i am until i fangirl, read books, watch movies and do long night preppy talks over the internet. My ultimate dream is to own an empire. char! Began writing personal journals since 2000, eventually open this blog to publish the torn pages. Memories are my foods and I’d like to think that i have words smartly uttered.
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6 Responses to Face Reading from Fellow Beloved Aldub Nation

  1. charlztube says:

    Good day Mam;
    Sorry to interrupt your day with much prospective good of you might be happening each of every single day.. I would like to redirect your attention to the “pessimistic Bella” you’ve read. As i understand of what were value foundations this Bella has acquired of is; she is simply ready to accept (i’m in a trance of amazement of her attitude’ huh., very rare nowadays tho..) negativity for a day, that she could get lessons/learning from them and to counter those in a positive way in a day. No clamor, murmuring questions upon her thoughts because she simply ACCEPT them nicely, behaving herself before her God.. In reference to the bible, the Bella is actually doing whatever state she was, therewith to be content, accept God’s doing and giving it back by way of positive actions in life. Rom. 8:18-19 v. 28-30: 1 Tim 6:8… That i refer to as behaving properly with what is really God is storing our future on earth.. Thereon., I had noticed the Bella is not aware of her fame even up to now. True !, try to observe this, because even if she do wacky faced, making owlie wide eye, chin grimace tooth bear out..etc. Making fool about herself. She is not afraid to face the ugliness of us humans from the sight of God. Because what the Bella actually did were all the image of how frail a human being is before God’s eyes. Yet where is the Bella now.? She fly up above the blessings where God entrusted to her. God does give examples of us thru this people on their prime because God truly had completed the final blueprint of our lives on earth. God is a sovereign God He does whatever He pleases to do. He Makes one Rich while He also make the other one Poor, yet a lot us people lack the wisdom to ascribe to God’s dealing to every humans. We should give our Praise to the most High God and only him we should give our gratitude and a big thank you on whatever state we are in now…

    • plarrythess says:

      Thank you for this tito charlz. this one lesson had me punch in my heart and mind after reading her blog as well. the reason why i also rooted for her. My views in life changed. Before i was looking for the exact definition of happiness trying to examine myself on things that makes me happy until i read that piece of realizations from a simple carefree young lady. To try accept life as it is- be it good or not so good. God is always with us lets just see the good things life has to offer then we’ll see good things come in our way. Acknowledging God despite hardships then responding life in positive way. ( Note. Tito do you happen to read Anne Frank’s diary? i can see her in Maine’s spirit. I was inspired by that book and for now, i wont miss the chance to witness another carefree high spirited being graces in our time.)

      • plarrythess says:

        Tito Charlz, dont call me maam. Call me Larry. i thank you for constantly reminding me of the things about God and how we can learned out of this phenomenon. God bless you and your family always. btw, nice meeting you.

      • charlztube says:

        I would try (if time permits) looking for that Anne Frank’s diary Larry.. Best regards… Same here

  2. charlztube says:

    Pleasures is yours Larry.. BTW., thank you of painstakingly observing my thoughts & insight experiences in life. I am just elated to note young Ladies like you and the Bella, that now, I had these 3 blessed daughters too to look into. My heart’s sympathy is always on you young Ladies because me too personally am a pessimistic father on what might be happening on next approaching days in life be coming with my daughters. That is why maybe i am untiringly and diligently teach them out with good personal traits in life, molding and nurturing them on the positive good, God directed and entrusted us to do.. It might be because of the current world situation in our time that is full of uneasiness, evil works are flourishing, especially taking more advantage/stamping on the weaker vessel like you young Ladies. ( common in the news.) Chivalry is very rare, oftentimes i was thinking Gentlemanly is a dead practices now in young men’s generation. No respect for Ladies, these comes from a childhood simple naughtiness that grows wildly uncontrolled by undisciplined parents who doesn’t care many times towards their young and these resulted to a rebellious, hard headed young men nowadays. My fear is that they could effectively apply them on you Larry and might be towards my own Ladies..

    So again a pleasure to know a little piece of you. I do not know why my attention shifted on you, ( might be) this happen only after reading your writings on your blog lately. I could see good from the very of you. Best regards to your principled mother and surely i would mention you with my God in prayers. Besides, my wifee noticed you as well.. Best you all the wihes from us here in Baguio City

  3. pakloon says:

    Nice Blog! 🙂 Heres a video on a survey on who people like more.. Aldub or Pastillas? Whats your vote? 🙂

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