Why Everyone Wants to Tag Aldub in Socials – Think of Branding!

Whooping the twitterverse with almost 26million tweets, staggering mall shows with crowded spectators, threatening mainstream television shows, Overwhelming product endorsements…such are the much noticeable aspects of how massive the success of Aldub is. However, not all are pleased with the attention devoted for this phenomenon. Everything local issues are now being related to this enormous brand; be it good or not-so good. So here I present to you the Factors that make this Brand so enticing that everyone wants to jump in.

1. The Aldub Nation. Online community of “Mababaw ang Kaligayahan” in short, Happy people. Social Media is all about the conversation and building effective relationships. We talk, we say Hi to each other, we laugh together, We are All humans full of Emotions! That’s why we’re not stereotyped as fandom but a Nation united as One.

2. Not Regulated by Commercial Establishment. EB videos are shared on FB pages- no copyright infringement blocking, laughter is a free medicine. The vehicle is easily accessible. Anyone can be infected instantly. Thus, nobody will be left behind.

3. We Did Not Mean Business. Social Media personalities are by far the most generous type of celebrity. They undergo costly production just for what, to entertain viewers without talent fees. Same with Aldub Nation, we make fan arts/poems/songs not to make money but to put a smile to our beloved community. The dedication is priceless.

4. Vision & Mission Cemented. Lately Maine tweeted this series of reminders “Let’s make Love Not War” and “ Kung Walang Magandang Sabihin, Wag na lang Magsalita” In an instant, it became the Nation’s slogan wherein it’s very acceptable and true in dealing people in Social Media. We became responsible citizen in cyberspace.

5. Endless Talks, Topics, Sharing. When you’re already infected with this fever, don’t worry you’re not alone. Think of the many portals you can go surfing, websites you like to browse and definitely, you will meet someone from the Nation without passing by. You will be having difficult time to sleep and cannot shut your mind from wandering. There is so much to talk about and by that you are not alone.

6. One Big Happy Family. Not only the Kalyeserye and the whole EB family we are entertained and to conversed with; meet the Mendoza Siblings, Daddy Bae and Meng’s BFF in Twitter. We can talk to them in one click, how lucky we are we got this one big happy family.

7. The New Facebook. Have you tried not looking your FB profile for a day, a week or a month. It’s a challenge only few can get through. Now think, can we skip a single episode of KS. It’s even harder challenge. Or not opening your twitter every now and then. Real or virtual, we already make friends with the Nation and im not only talking with the neighborhood. We have friends Worldwide! that is something only in this little community we treasured the most.

Now lets take this factors to these new commotion. Have you all noticed that the word “Aldub” is not only limited to define the pairing of Alden & Maine, but subtlety, a brand or commodity which other entity would like to use for their own campaign. Bells ringing! Yes, dragging to National Issues, Summit Speech, Heneral Luna, etc. etc. Why point the blade to us. We didn’t harm anybody. Why insist the idea in which there’s nothing to ponder with in the first place. We have reasons why we are hooked and that reason is what makes us be more engaged.

Think of branding. Sure this is what the they lack. If only they create original idea of how they could make Netizen be more occupied and actively campaigning. For once in our life, we crusade for it, we cry for it but the fight is endless.

@mainedcmspeaks / @lotskiemo (UAE)


About larrythess

Move to Dubai from Abu Dhabi. Currently working as Financial Accountant. My profession never tells me who i am until i fangirl, read books, watch movies and do long night preppy talks over the internet. My ultimate dream is to own an empire. char! Began writing personal journals since 2000, eventually open this blog to publish the torn pages. Memories are my foods and I’d like to think that i have words smartly uttered.
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