The Social Significance of AlDub

Source: The Social Significance of AlDub


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Move to Dubai from Abu Dhabi. Currently working as Financial Accountant. My profession never tells me who i am until i fangirl, read books, watch movies and do long night preppy talks over the internet. My ultimate dream is to own an empire. char! Began writing personal journals since 2000, eventually open this blog to publish the torn pages. Memories are my foods and I’d like to think that i have words smartly uttered.
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4 Responses to The Social Significance of AlDub

  1. charlztube says:

    Hi mam Lotskiemo or plarrythess..? I am sorry to read your tweets about Maine Mendoza., without your permission… I’d noticed that you just read across the blogs on Maine more than i could browse them… Anyhow, there i read a portion of your quote from Maine’s blog; Do Soulmates Exists.? ——- i would like to share insights (from a late 40s middle aged, married man) and sorry to get portion of your attentions… My apologies mam…

    Firstly, i do not intend to frustrate anyone but i just would like to advice you or Maine, since i have no direct access to her but i guess you are more than acquainted with Maine more than i..

    Second, the following are my insights on your quotes from Maine.. (sorry to have concern for you and Maine because i perceived that the both of you were professionals and career oriented Ladies, only Maine is in her early 20’s. Thus she has a lot more to explore for this life.)
    —– >>> the answer if soulmates exists..? YES it thus exists..!!! Why.?
    God the creator of us all did already finished the blueprint of life on each and everyone of us. Only now that we acted upon on this planet of where He puts us all.. Eph 1:4 Heb 1:2-3.. Until our life’s fullness ends whether we have done righteousness or evil deeds, that is where we will be judged accordingly. (Sorry to include biblical knowledge but supposedly we must be guided with those biblical wisdom for our soul’s health.)
    God does exists from human’s first breath until in our time, saw and openly beholding us on our deeds in life..

    ——>>> back to Maine’s blog:; “Mostly, I question God, have i already met him?(refers to her soulmate, i guessed) Or do I already know him, or does he know me.?”

    Maine, my concern are these, for the time being as we observed. God did not yet give your soulmate as of this writing.. But what should be our take and attitude on this query..? We should continue pursuing the righteous and genuine good values you acquired of from your decent parents. Honor their words, follow on what are the positive wisdom you had been thought. Do not be derailed on those precious words of wisdom from your beloved parents dear.. After all, what evil deeds we act today we will surely reap them on tomorrow. Example, if we tend to listen the evil courses from our surroundings, then do not expect that God will bless you on what righteous course you had wished on from your childhood beginning that God will give it back to you.. Pleasing God is to follow thru honoring your very own Parents. Eph 6:1-3 ..
    Appreciate it much when you confessed that you like your man to asks permission first from your parents, prior to engaging on courtship.. Actually a lessons learned from my daughters… Anyhow.., todate the 3 of them so far on the right track of their studies and life’s right track.. Proud to say there has no BFs yet.. But they normally had crushes admirations, i told them they are normal. But honesty persists on them that even classmates of them wished to court that they humbly poke words like., “ask permission first to Papa and Mama…

    >>> Direct Example, a son of my friend is on drug rehab now.. This precious son of my friend during his grade school years is smart. There is no year that my friend went on stage to receive with his sons commendations and honors. I saw them both proud during those times.. But this son suddenly, allows himself to be influenced and be indulge on illegal drugs during his secondary years in school.. Thus this resulted to woes..
    >>> Do YOU THINK GOD IS PLEASED TO GRANT (my friend son) GOOD BEST WISHES for this son’s FUTURE..? Now on rehab, my buddy is only full of remorse over his son’s life now..

    To wrap it all., we should now behave and have discipline in all of our actions and views in life. Do not wink, be rebellious on and grasps for sins that leads to ruin…

    i myself have 3 daughters, three in college now.. My prayers is that may God grants my wishes that my daughters will someday have a modesty and have a family full of happiness and fulfillment in their lives.. No hassles, stress free lives on me and my wife..

    MAY YOU INSPIRE OTHERS ON THIS tiring informative reply for you mam… Have a nice to you Lady.. Last are you in your mid 20’s or early 30’s..??? anyway, do not bother to answer if you feel not to..

  2. plarrythess says:

    Thank you for your insights Tito Charlz. (PS can i call you tito?)
    Can i post excerpts of your comments in my tweet so i can tag Maine for her to read this. Im humbled by your words of enlightenment and thought somehow we can talk more deeply the values we can get from this craze. To tell you the truth, and since reading Maine’s blog now im trying to pray for my someone to come. (Im 26 po sir) Yes. Im still single but life is good to mull over the things i cant control. anyways, even if im working overseas i’ll make sure that my parents will know first the next man who will try pursue me. Best of my luck. God bless you sir!

  3. charlztube says:

    Oh dear., i thank God to have a little time answering back from your precious time, thank you for sharing a little of your info in life.. Yes you can call me Tito as you’ve wished.. I just turned off the TV now after watching KS on EB.. I have reservations on my observations now on how Maine Mendoza should act from her emotions towards Alden. (Mistakes can’t be simply recovered once it was delivered.,i am right..? I gained these work lessons from my superiors in one of the largest company here in the Philippines.) At any rate., there was a segment that She lip syncing saying” there was never an us”… With a couple of some tweets alleging that Alden on Sunday Pinasaya break, was., he was harboring intimate gestures on JulieAnn San Jose.? And the tweet was circulating now demanding Alden an explanation. I do not buy the story as of now in the meantime… But be thus it may or might true…– Here is where Maine should not be feared on applying into actions her gotten good precepts and good values.. This value i referred into is “– PATIENCE —” Heart is the center of emotions, here Love is came from. But wait God is so genius that He formed the Brain or Mind.. Where the Heart is soften due to emotions of Love., there is the brain of mind that counters them and weight the matter seriously. And applying the good values from God, pray for a right decision to make., I believe God is merciful enough to guide and help you in that situation in life. Do not rushed on matters that will threatened your future life dear Maine….

    As for you mam, how can i call you.? What name should i call you mam…? if you could entrust me your personal name not in here but feel free to tweet me privily using CharlzTube account., the better.. I am just a servant from the most high God which was blessed with minimal knowledge from His words…

  4. charlztube says:

    For you mam., my admiration that you stay strong in the Grace of God until now.. A piece of advise from your tito Charlz here in PH.., Please check always who to accompany with especially that you are alone out there in the mid east.. Try not to forget your parents advises, remember those times and during your school days that they always says constantly… “Tell me who your friends are and i will tell you who you are” To simply put, if ever your friend is a drug user, then by perception from other people including me, you as well might be also a drug user.. Sorry to state direct examples with what is happening now., but i presumed your parents don’t want you to got involved of such, right..? I feared for you dear right there in middle east.. Here in our land, a story over the news state that rape ensued after barkadas intoxicated with not only on alcohol but due to drugs were mixed on drinks to feel the girl dizzy and urges her intimacy into sexual mis-behaviors, something like that of sort, of which supposedly the box stops from choosing true friends from the very start and be selective as always.. There is no wrong and NO future harm may took place of acting defensively beforehand especially when you foresaw a very clear danger ahead.., Right.? Without off hand notifications, in reality effects, you are applying good values in it, if and when you choose the right paths always, the good reasons prevails as always.. There, you could sensed God’s mighty hand in helping you understand better, appreciate weightier matters most prior to engaging major decisions to make.. To summed up Dear.. DO NOT FORGET AND FORSOOK TO GLORIFY GOD AS ALWAYS.. In the book of Thessalonians, we are exhorted on” whatever we do, whatever state we are in now, DO NOT FORGET TO ALWAYS GIVE YOUR THANKS and gratitude to the most High God in heaven.. That is the most humble acts yet required by God to and from us — humans, created only at the pleasure of God..

    Feel free to tweet me if you have time and if ever you needed me anyway.. In closing, as i told to my dearly daughters, do not be afraid to asks questions if these will pertains to matter between life and death…

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