Kalyeserye; Finding the True Filipino Identity

With all the fuss being thrown by the media to the Nation of Aldub lays the judgment of us being the “Mababaw na Nilalang”. It’s a sad reality how we are condemned by the things that makes us happy. To think this one of a kind show were not copy pasted or franchise from the international scene. In fact, this must be something to be proud of. How many of us were guilty of praising and admitting we are avid fans of Hollywood shows, Intl mainstream TV Series, the Koreanovela or Bollywood films? Not even a single “Kababawan” were tag along with it. Then why, all along, this phenomenon which is a genius take in the local TV show is being judge as it is. I also went the hard way of admitting I am a FAN especially in social media. But why we have to feel that way.

Filipinos are obviously influenced by the western culture. We are so accustomed to their way of clothing, their language, their lifestyle. We think mirroring their way of life makes us feel socially accepted. We think this kind of norms is what the international can only be acknowledged. The foreign shows dominated our society and then sadly, we feel alienated by our own Kulturang Pinoy- Katangi Tangi! We make this kind of entertainment a standard to what we would like to watch. We then forget our identity.

Admitting you’re a fan of Kalyeserye doesn’t make you a Mababaw na Nilalang. I don’t want to put reasons here but let me take the reason why this show deserves a standing ovation.

  1. Happiness is contagious. True! Filipinos are known to be the Happy People of the world. We seem to laugh in the smallest form of entertainment. The difference of KS is that it only makes use of clean jokes. No insults. No harsh words. Just pure fun.
  1. Execution of Storytelling is Incomparable. Where can you watch a mainstream TV show, Theater Play, Reality TV, Comedic Skit, Interactive social platform and Filipino value-oriented show all in a 30minute lunch break? Plus a glued cliffhanger in the end of storytelling. Hell of a ride right. Only in the Philippines!
  1. Swim in the Universe of Blog and type #Aldub. It’s a challenge for a fact. I was amazed by how much this show awakens the minds of fellow Kababayan. Every single minute, a new blog post has been written talking about everything under KS sunshine. It is something that no other show can make the Netizen be more engaged. All the more the content has substance to it. Not only gifs/vines but topics ranging from the highlight of daily episodes, to decoding Alden & Maine’s interaction, to teachings of Values by Lola Nidora, to reflections and views of life. Saan ka pa!
  1. Bayanihan. What makes a noontime show different from nighttime dramas is that it is a venue to help and give assistance to fellow Filipino. To be able to thread this cause in the story of KS is nothing but pure brilliance. It takes a lot of brainstorming for others but EB made it with grace and amazement.
  1. Tunay na Pag-ibig Tatak Pinoy. Take the old-fashioned Filipino way of swooning a lady; pag-iigib ng tubig, pagsunod sa turo ng Lola, paghaharana, pag-akyat ng ligaw sa bahay at paghihintay ng pag-ibig sa Tamang Panahon. Are we foreign with this idea of courtship? Probably yes but Thank God. We are directed back to the good old days in modern means, thanks for this show!

Now who am I to be ashamed to admit I love this show. There is nothing really to be humiliated of. If I was guilty admitting I used to love foreign shows, I should be more guilty declaring that this kind of show is World Class. Truly Tatak Pinoy. Yan tayo eh!


@mainedcmspeaks / @lotskiemo (UAE)


About larrythess

Move to Dubai from Abu Dhabi. Currently working as Financial Accountant. My profession never tells me who i am until i fangirl, read books, watch movies and do long night preppy talks over the internet. My ultimate dream is to own an empire. char! Began writing personal journals since 2000, eventually open this blog to publish the torn pages. Memories are my foods and I’d like to think that i have words smartly uttered.
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9 Responses to Kalyeserye; Finding the True Filipino Identity

  1. charlztube says:

    True enough and well said.. Just to add: it is not an accident that Maine Mendoza happens to have acquired true and good values from her parents. One big clap to her when she wrote and answering to questions thrown by Ricky Lo.. Maine appreciate it much if ever and when Alden will truly seek first the permission / approval from her Parents in courting her. I truly see a genuine wish of a decent Lady. To think of it, this old ways on courting permission first was i heard it from my grand parents way back in 1984 while they both still alive. I am on my late 40s, yet i must admit that the permission to court was my guilt with my wifee. Yet i was able to do it only during pamanhikan., but not during courtship. Ms Maine truly spread good vibes on the subject. I feel that she actually aspire to have this chivalry acts of Alden, that is something yet to look into in near future. My appreciation is that we have this kind of show in our national TV promoting such diminished and dim values on courtship.

    • plarrythess says:

      Thank you for appreciating my post. Super agree with you. What also makes this show truly transcendental to everyone is the fact that the main characters also emulates the Filipino values in its personal lives . True, i love that girl Maine. Sir, is it really that old the traditional way of courting. Thats why it affected to wide group of audience. Thank you for your insights. God Bless!

  2. charlztube says:

    Add further., can we swallow our pride seeing one of our daughters fail and ruin their future of such immorality and pre-marital sex outside of marriage that nowadays it sold like an hotcake.. No abating as we witnessed. The results are; devastation and stress on parents and dignity destruction on our daughters like unwanted pregnancies.

    • plarrythess says:

      True enough. We are so much attuned to foreign shows saying this is the reality, this is what’s happening now and then we come to believe it is socially cool. The media is swarmed with immoral shows not tagging it with Mababaw. Yang PMS, unwanted pregnancy is the indirect result of irresponsible entertainment. Kaya Kudos sa Kalyeserye.

      Now we are talking substance here. di buh po sir?

      • charlztube says:

        (Sorry for late reply; as only time permits) = Life is full of substance indeed and it bothers me a lot more, seeing the new generations are wasting much of their precious time on indecency and on drugs. I wonder why such a burdensome lifestyle persistently thrives on.? And on the biblical side, i saw that these were the ill effects on the inherent original sins acquired from Adam.. Yet hope is on us, to counter such thrusts of this new kind of generations.
        == Alas., we have this kind of show on EB thru Kalye Serye. Hope and pray that EB for awhile, will strengthened for this formatted show on spreading good – vibes positive values in life. We seldom see and watch family oriented shows nowadays and if ever there be one, the subject on the matter must not b focused on the negativity and ills of the current society. (we could churn on infidelity, cursing, murder, revenge,. etc…) True that KS promotes good vibes, but for how long will they take on the subject matter.? As i sensed it, they will segue to the relationship on the mainstay casts; Alden and Maine…?

  3. I want to add that never in the history of noontime television, that a SINGLE segment of a show can unite different people all around the world. I mean, I am a fan of Eat Bulaga since I can remember, but in that period they didn’t have a segment like this. I remember, Joey de Leon said in an interview that the joy that ALDUB showed was like when they started back in 1979, people were so amazed with what they were doing that it became a hit. Trully what happened in KalyeSerye and with ALDUB was nothing more than a miracle. If you research in the past, no other show or segement give out moral and ethical lessons being delivered in both in a comical and serious way, only Eat Bulaga did it.
    Going to the topic of kababawan, if gaining morals, setting a record, being part of that record, relearning life, and having dreams brought back to life is shallow. Then call me shallow. What is shallow is how some provoke fights, debates, and arguments in social media, now that is really shallow. I am just worried that in this day and age, children are witnessing these arguments these shallowness. What do they want to achieve? To be famous as bashers? How shallow do you have to be to provoke this? Another is what I saw in Facebook where he said he was not a fan of these love teams and he will unfriend those that flood his timeline, for me that is a shallow. I can go on and on about this, but let’s leave it at that and just ignore those shallow people.
    I am just happy that because of ALDUB, I was inspired to write again, pursue my dreams, and learn how to love again.

  4. bytheredsea says:

    It is very inspiring and encouraging to see an intelligent discussion on this. God bless you all!

  5. bytheredsea says:

    I think also that the Filipinos got tired with all the natural calamities, corruption, dirty politicking ( I may consider it moronic, even), crime, traffic etc. EB Kalyeserye having AlDub was a breath of fresh air. It gave us all a brief moment of respite from all the difficulties around us. Most of us feel we are being recharged by the inspiration, laughter, lessons and the KILIG. It was and still is, a blessing to many of us.

    • plarrythess says:

      agree. The feeling it gives us is indescribable esp for us living overseas! The show as well as the Fandom/Aldub Nation makes us feel closer with our Inang Bayan since we got to interact with each other. Its a revolutionary platform. Critics only observes the surface, which is fanatism “kuno” over the show and the celebrities but they did not know, social media is bout building effective relationships. We become united because of these.

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