The Underlying Effect of Aldub in Social Media – The Aldub Nation Ambassadors

Have you notice how the World Wide Web has been infected with negative comments. It’s quite normal that bashing is something that netizen cries as they insist their right of speech. Though not our business, it makes the web environment clogged with pollution – a silent verbal abuse. Then come to light this latest phenomenon which not only hit the mainstream entertainment but taking storm in social media. Since it started I have few observations on how the fandom behaves, interact and express their thoughts in the lightest possible way.

  1. Ignoring. Bashing/Patola is common habit of a few but to ignore it pays a lot of patience and respect. The nation believes that disagreeing to someone’s opinion or worst swaying them to ride the bandwagon will not convince them. All the more, they would only become very annoyed. So we prayed for them.
  2. Spreading Positivity. Come to think of it, if we surround ourselves with happy thoughts and happy people we can definitely see the good things in life. We spend time tweeting things that makes us happy, we smile we laugh and we glow. We see happiness that blossoms in our selves. Positive begets positive indeed.
  3. Well-informed. Lately after surpassing millions of tweets, critics are now throwing condemnation on why the Nation spends more time in their so-called senseless entertainment and not to National Issues. Frankly, Netizens are the more informed group of society. We know more about what the medias/tabloids like to spoon-fed to us. We read, research, investigate and make used the power of internet. We will read the same cycle over and over again. National Issues will forever exist in the limelight. But this time, we would like to take a pause from that rollercoaster! We can’t mull over the things we think we can’t control. Venting/ranting in social media can’t lead to any good.
  4. “Kung walang magandang masabi, wag nalng magsalita” True enough. Aside that it comes from Maine, abiding this simple principle means everything in cyber social. It’s the golden rule in web. You don’t want to eat the things you have said. You don’t want to post insensitive sentiments and in the long run, regret it. Words are mightier and sharper than knife. Karma is a bitch. If you don’t have any good to say, talk to smaller private group and don’t throw it to the universe.
  5. Peace not War. One of the Nation axioms is to turn negativity to positivity. The cyberspace has long been invaded by the trolls/bashers/posers by which name rings nihilism. They have polluted the environment and self-profess their winning over inexistent war. I come to admire what the Nation had done to the last HT being trended. Who would’ve thought #AsalKalye thread will put smile to your face.
  6. Love and Support. If a celebrity’s star shines bright, fans will be magnetized and drawn to their light. But what makes the Nation different from the usual admirers is that we do it wholeheartedly not only because we find Alden&Maine talented and entertaining but more importantly approve their true being and disposition. Honestly after reading Maine’s blog, I’m inspired how she took her personal struggles with grace and Alden, how he honored his mother’s wish due to his love for her. We loved this kind of people and deserve our support.
  7. Grateful. Think if the 25millions tweets aren’t organic, how a robot can do that. Other people just can’t imagine how a Nation can be united and overwhelms a LT. We are happy for the great show we have witnessed. The only thing we can reciprocate them is by showing how grateful we are thru tweeting. Our emotion is real. Our tweets are organic. This puzzles them.
  8. Reflective. All has been said than done. In a shallow and Un-oriented audience, they easily jump to conclusion by naming the Nation naive and stupid. They only took to observe the surface. Little did they know, the show has its value- Kulturang Pinoy Katangi-tangi. An episodes teaching comes to our attention and we redirect this morals to ourselves. This substance is what they missed out. The show urged the Nation to be reflective and that can be proven by the different blogs/reviews/write-ups being made by the netizen. All along who now can be called stupid when in the first place they don’t know what they’re talking about.
  9. Forever Restored. We are believed that #WalangForever is true because of the pop culture being taught to us before. Think of God’s love, the eternal life, is it also Walang Forever? The destiny and waiting in God’s right time? The wrong media taught us the harsh reality and we find ourselves believing that it is the new norms and we are cool with it. NO! Life will be pointless if you don’t have something that is worth fighting for. For the Nation, “TULOY ang FOREVER!”
  10. Glorifying Him. Amidst all of this sensation, what really sticks us and be united is that we say a simple prayer to start and end our day. The Nation glorifies Him through posting/tweeting prayers and by this humble act; we are channeled to have a communication with Him even with the use of new technology. My only proposition is that, a prayer must also include each of our personal prayer by including a (blank space). Hello Admins! All glory to Him.

I just hope that everything I have observed is true. It may not represent all but at least majority on the space is rightfully called the Aldub Nation Ambassadors.

-@MainedcmSpeaks / @LotskieMo (UAE)


About larrythess

Move to Dubai from Abu Dhabi. Currently working as Financial Accountant. My profession never tells me who i am until i fangirl, read books, watch movies and do long night preppy talks over the internet. My ultimate dream is to own an empire. char! Began writing personal journals since 2000, eventually open this blog to publish the torn pages. Memories are my foods and I’d like to think that i have words smartly uttered.
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4 Responses to The Underlying Effect of Aldub in Social Media – The Aldub Nation Ambassadors

  1. lyxxjb says:

    Completely Agree!

  2. rcg2014 says:

    Very well said. May I add…ambassadors of LOVE over-all.❤️❤️❤️

    • plarrythess says:

      Thank you. Indeed, this Aldub crazed not only entertained the mainstream viewers. We, the Netizen, are the proof how positive its effect in social media. Love is Universal. Good Day to you!

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