REVIEW: ‘KalyeSerye’ And How It’s Slowly Changing Philippine TV

Us, In Between

Just recently, a certain local show has been headlining the morning papers and the nightly news, which for the now nearing election season in the Philippines, is admittedly odd and honestly, impressive.

‘KalyeSerye’ (literally translating to “Street Series”), a segment aired on the variety show Eat Bulaga!,  heralds a new and definitely fast rising loveteam or ship, Aldub. It is the team-up of actor Alden Richards and newcomer actress Maine Mendoza who play the roles of Bae Alden (a fictionalized version of Richards) and ‘Yaya Dub’ respectively. And just like any other soap opera, theirs is a Cinderella story waiting on their deserved happy ending. But while perhaps most people suddenly delved into the craze that is Aldub because of its cliched and familiar romantic premise (that never fails to tickle the Filipino viewer’s attention), for this writer, there are certain aspects about Aldub and its hit KalyeSerye that…

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