How Every One must learn a thing or two in Social Media Campaign from Aldub Phenomenon?


Why is Aldub ticks strongly in social media. How to divert such massive attention to more important national issues? Let’s begin how it all started.

Kalyeserye  is just a mainstream show in its few weeks of discovery. No story written ahead. In fact, it wasn’t coined as it is. EB decided to upload the first weeks of interaction between Alden and Maine on their FB page. It was plain flirtations of the two but thru social media sharing, it got introduced to a new wider audience. Mr. Joey de Leon recognized the potential as he was telling the audience that the fun exchange of the two might bloom with a story. Then Kalyeserye was born. How did they sustain the show without any bigger story scheme beforehand? They go to social media reading comments. With the help of Netizen, they have created this fun and interactive way of storytelling. They gave their audience a slice of taste in being part of the show. It gives them empowerment and acknowledgement of what they would like to happen. The next episode, viewers and most especially Netizen will all be glued to their seat witnessing if their thoughts have been considered. Some of it yes, but most of the time no one hits. Ang Tataba kasi ng utak ng mga writers. Though not all of their predictions are correct, it is still exciting knowing that their ideas are being recognized and read by them.

Then the conversation transcends to a new platform – social media. While EB is busy brainstorming on how to get their audience glued and be surprised all the time, a little community have develop in cyberspace. Here blossoms Aldub Nation (Proudly say I’m One of them!).

Here’s the thing, as a citizen of Aldub Nation we get to interact fellow fans, exchange our interpretations and surprisingly, we receive the same feedback from them. It’s amazing how we could meet people from different places that are in the same boat with us. We feel sense of belongingness. Remember that Social media is about conversations and building effective relationships. We become supportive of each other. Every fan art, poems, songs, ideas, arts that are inspired by KS, we tend to appreciate it. Although EB already recognize the influence of KS to its fans, they didn’t harness its power instead they let us express our own selves. Take for example the daily twitter HT. They did not instruct nor told the fans to make a noise. Instead they give all the credits to the fans. It makes us feel entitled over the phenomenon we have all created. We can also feel the sincerity of EB in helping our Kababayan. By these gestures, we feel a sense of teamwork in creating the spectacle. That is why admitting our love for the show is our way of saying thank you.

That did not stop there, both the Aldub character are a likeable people. Maine and Alden never stop to contain emotions after each episode. They get to social media to express their thoughts about the lesson of the day.  As the day goes by, the Nation only gets bigger and stronger than ever.

Now how about making a trend of national issues, concerns and campaigns. Social media is an effective tool in addressing an issue if an institution or company would like to target their audience effectively. Frankly, not all has the ability to magnetized huge numbers of following not even millions of tweets. That is why few other people keep on bash   It is not permissible to just name drop a hashtag for other people to move. And its not also indication that most fans of Aldub are pathetic in terms of national concern. Lets take for example the cry of most OFW these past months about the Bureau of Customs’ selective inspection of Balikbayan boxes. Though we don’t have direct action against our distress, we resorted to social media. I remember that day, twitter trends “BOC” which also abbreviates for Bureau of Corruption. There were various videos uploaded online stressing how Filipino overseas packed the so-called “Pawis at Dugo sa isang Kahon”. Even the president’s sister have taken noticed of it. We rely our innermost voice in social media hoping that the people seated in high position would take notice of it. But as usual, we feel unvoiced. To best thing to do is tap Alden and Maine or Eat Bulaga obviously since fans are following them. Insisting something to trend without authority is like shoving a hot rice over a full mouth.

My concern for National Election i inevitably, pls be very vigilant in handling your tweets most esp. Trendsetters who will decide for our daily HT. Aldub Nation is a “Gateway” in the eyes of politicians who wish to campaign in social media since garnering a whooping 25Million tweets is globally recognized. It’s a big deal actually. If Alden and Maine will be tested by time, all the more Aldub Nation will be tested by circumstances. Kapit lang tayo mga Aldubarkads!

Lets all be responsible citizen after all. For the love of Aldub, for the love of the country! Aldub you all!


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Move to Dubai from Abu Dhabi. Currently working as Financial Accountant. My profession never tells me who i am until i fangirl, read books, watch movies and do long night preppy talks over the internet. My ultimate dream is to own an empire. char! Began writing personal journals since 2000, eventually open this blog to publish the torn pages. Memories are my foods and I’d like to think that i have words smartly uttered.
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