Chapter 5: Their (Almost) First kiss

For the rest of the stay, Jen has been startled of the news. Being casted as the lead role for the most coveted character in film history, it’s not easy to accept the opportunity when it seems her life is in place. The couple is enjoying their stay for awhile- strolling around gleefully while holding hands, talking nonsense in coffee shops and enjoying friends’ company in pubs at night. Jen keep the whole thing to herself. She believes she had to decide it on her own. She keeps on weighing the circumstances she may have to choose when the time comes. Her career so far is doing well. Being in independent films is what keeps her happy because it’s worth the effort sending positive message to the audience. Accepting big budget movie comes with fame inevitably. They may never amble again peacefully without the harassing paparazzi or never able to show affection publicly ever again. These things will definitely change a year after if she allows taking the offer.

Nick has been invited by Carlos and George to party out at night since most of them are in hometown. His friends are also looking forward to meet his new girlfriend. They bet Nick is living in cloud-cuckoo-land given that he is out of reach, uncommunicative chap these days. Jen seems pretty confident around boys and mingling them comes naturally. She looks careless and ballsy. For a moment, she wants to forget the decision she has to make but it still keeps bugging her. She tend to tell it to someone especially Nick. Numerous attempts to tell him what’s been bothering her came to naught.

George had tequila offered to Jen. She snaps it compulsively without Nick had anything to do to stop it. It starts with a slurp and turn to heavy drinking. Nick plays like an older brother ready to rescue his sister when he notice Jen looks overwhelm.

“That’s enough George. I think she had it much. Oh. Easy Jen” Nick worries as he tries to slow down Jen.

“I’m fine Nicki. I can handle this” giggles Jen slurping the next shot of tequila.

“She’s just having fun Houlty”, says Carlos calmly but Nick look at them like daggers ready to stab their faces.

He had to distract her. As the music turns mellow, Nick tugs Jen’s arm to extricate her from his friends and they hit the dance floor. He wraps his arms around her. She presses her forehead into his body where his chest should be and her arms wrap his body. Jen doesn’t want to end the moment. She likes to be free and able to live normally and also be able to achieve her dreams. But no, taking opportunity comes with consequences. After the dance, she drank again to oblivion.  She’s quite noisy afterwards. She only drinks four shot of tequila but her presence is lethargic. Nick is pretty expert about drinking but having a drunken girlfriend signal the group that the night is over.

Since home is a distant from the pub, Nick had taken a room in the nearest hotel just to pass the waking hours of the night. Carlos drives them through. They sneakily use the back door to avoid photographers trying to capture Nick’s new girlfriend. Jen looks clumsy and her gait peculiarly awkward in which Nick had to assist her walking through elevator and finally to their room. Jen had her arms rested on him while her head on his shoulder. Nick has to carry her weight gripping her waist tightly to not let her fall while walking hardly. He is just sober since he can manage to talk to Jen who mumbles words he can’t decipher.

When they arrive to their room, Nick laid Jen slowly on the adjoining couch but she caught his lips, feeling a zap of electricity. Jen kiss his lips passionately hungering for more. Nick kisses her back responding her neediness. She puts her arm on his neck while trying to get up on her feet.   He holds her waist pushing her to wall busy taking off his coat and his undershirts. Jen run her hands through his hair and messes it as she chuckle. She laughs hysterically while Nick is unbuttoning her clothes.   Her bare torso is very sexy he couldn’t resist the desire to let their bodies unite.  They both climb their bed still kissing intensely. His body is against hers as she unzips his pants. She kisses his thin yet short chest hair moving to his neck. It sends shiver down to his spine. Nick then pulled his pants off while excitedly return the favor for Jen. He kisses her tummy first and slowly moving downward. He bites lightly her zipper and pulls her pants very slowly. Jen breathe heavily as Nick kisses her undergarment. It tickles her amazingly. He moves upward kissing her tummy. Unhooking her bra and subsequently kisses her supple breast and nibbles her neck and ears. She moans uncontrollably feeling the sensation. Nick brushes her hair back behind her ears with his fingers, delightfully stare at her innocent face. Seconds later, Jen falls asleep. Nick just smiles widely. All he could do is kiss her lips goodnight. He then rested on Jen’s side hugging her closely.

Morning comes and nothing has been registered through Jen’s mind. She can still remember some of it but the feeling of anxiety never perishes her psyche. All she could feel is an aching head as she watch a smile spread all the way across Nick’s face. His chest hair is very visible on her eyes and wears only boxer shorts. Jen’s surprise to see baked beans for breakfast especially serve by her man while in bed, although astonished in her naked state drape with a duvet. Not feeling so guilty and lost, Jen calmly ask Nick what happen after her black out.

“Certainly good so far…” said Nick smiling shyly next to Jen.

…But I wouldn’t do anything with a zombie either” continued Nick with a shrug.

Jen tries to remember the last thing they did. She definitely wants to clarify if they do the deed which she vaguely remembers.  He kisses her all over and nothing’s in sight next.

“Well… uhmm. You left me so unsatisfied” Nick teases her with a crooked smile. Jen felt embarrass and immediately cuddle Nick.

“I’m sooorry” Jen says with an adorable look while her arms still wrap on Nick. He seems quite interested on the turn of events.

“Wanna make up for it?… I will gladly forgive you then” Nick beams widely as he kisses Jen on the mouth. He tickles her wildly and they play like kids again.

“Stop it!… if you ask for it, I’ll ask you first… I want to see…yours! All of yours!” Jen teases. Nick’s intuition tells him to submit into this girl’s entire request. He feels there is something up.

“(Laughs)… fine!” Nick got up from bed walk through in front of Jen and turns his back.

…don’t ever blink. This comes in seconds only!” Jen chuckles as she waited for Nick’s show. He dances gracefully trying to imitate a stripper’s move and slowly pulling off his shorts showing slightly his hot bum. Halfway through, he immediately put his shorts back. Jen shriek in laughter.

“Don’t laugh. I’m not yet done!”

“I know…. I want more.”

There playfulness has ended when Jen’s mom called her phone.

“Mom!… you’re in London now?…okay. We’ll meet then. See you later”


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Move to Dubai from Abu Dhabi. Currently working as Financial Accountant. My profession never tells me who i am until i fangirl, read books, watch movies and do long night preppy talks over the internet. My ultimate dream is to own an empire. char! Began writing personal journals since 2000, eventually open this blog to publish the torn pages. Memories are my foods and I’d like to think that i have words smartly uttered.
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