Chapter 4: Meet the Houlty Family

Jen and Nick went round Wokingham streets and finally arrived at the Hoult family’s abode. Jen sighed wearily at the sight of the house. The structure is a typical English family home. Extravagant exteriors that would make you feel your living in a grand yet simple life. As the two got up to their feet, Jen takes a tight grasp around Nick’s arms.

“Never been nervous like this” says Jen.

Nick smiles with a spasm of delight. As they enter the main gate, a big black dog welcomed them and licks Nick to his face. He kneels down to play his favorite buddy. Clarista has just behind them sneaking and smiling too.

“Hello Nick. You’re too early!” Clarista said with sheepish grin and waved at Jen beaming widely.

“ Rita… this is Jen. Hmmm… Is mom at home?”

“ You can almost hear her….” Clarista pointed her finger towards their home indicating that their mother was happily playing her piece. Mrs. Hoult has had her time to spread her fingers to create music.

“ She’s in good mood” Nick is smiling crookedly at Jen.

Throughout the house, the views are a constant source of surprise and delight. There has a motley collection of vases, tables, paintings, and even chinaware’s inside antiques cabinets. They went straight to the library where Nicks’ mother performs a Johann Sebastian Bach masterpiece. Mrs. Hoult enjoys playing and spending time with her instrument while the three – Nick, Jen and Clarista, standing besides obviously glaring how amazed they are. After Mrs. Hoult finishes her piece, she stops and stares directly at Nick’s visitor. She coaxed at her into talking about her performance.

“ Did you like it dear?” asked Mrs. Hoult with crooked grin.

“ Absolutely! … Never heard a woman playing so fantastically in my face. I feel like VIP! Well, uhmm.. Thank you Mrs. Hoult” says Jen with a wry smile. Her natural capacity for deadpan humor can’t be hidden. She tries to be mousy in front of Nick’s mom but her presence is irresistible, invariably likeable. Mrs. Hoult got to her feet and hug Jen warmly. Nick just grin delighted by the sight of them.

“  What took you so long Nick to introduce your girlfriends at home? I’ve been looking forward to this every time I read someone link to you in the paper. Oh dear. He must be lucky I suppose” Mrs. Hoult jokingly said. Nicks’ blushing of embarrassment.

“Mom’s been frustrated ever since. He only brings boys!”  Clarista seconded her mom trying to embarrass her brother in front of his girlfriend. Nick squinted eyes looking at her sister telling her to stop talking. They shrieked with laughter.

In the meantime, Clarista accompanied Jen to her room while Nick carries her bag. He leaves the two ladies behind. Rita coaxed Jen into talking about her and with Nick too. She ask how did she find the place so far. Not slipping the moment, she’s been mulling over the idea of opening up about her Esquire magazine interview. Rita had few subscriptions to  girl’s magazine and remember the day her brother tried to sneak out and read one of it. It was stuck inside the room and momentarily, she picks it up and flashes to Jen’s face.

“Oh my God! That’s me. It’s embarrassing” says Jen as she hides her face with bare hands. She had no idea what to say but only blush from her almost naked magazine cover picture.

“Nah… Nick actually likes this! I never thought he would pursue his plan to get you and now, your trap!”

“Yeah. You’re right! I still have time to back out though, run for my life!”. The two just laugh at the idea of it.

Meanwhile Nick is wandering around their kitchen. To his surprise he bumps into his father unnoticeably. Mr. Hoult is a pilot and coming home is an effort but he fly home constantly to be with his wife and kids. He makes his relationship with them a priority.

“Have you considered the thought that this is the first girl you introduce to us? “  asked Mr. Hoult curiously . Nick mulled over the right words to say but his father knows what’s been up to him.

“I’m just being a father, you know. Your mother and I have been with these rocking waves ever since marriage. The distance thing is hard. But we have all of you. So it’s not that really complicated to put logic. Now you’re young and I suppose she’s young too. I did not tell you to not enjoy life and be serious with her…. I know you’re smart enough. And I’m grateful for you to take care of your sisters for me”

“I can’t really say anything dad but only “Thanks” by the way, I’m interested with that distance thing your talking. Can you share your thoughts about that” Nick sneakily grins as he touches his chin to annoy his father.  As the father-son conversation is getting too personal yet fun, Jen is already becoming indispensable to Nick.

After Dinner with the Hoult family, Jen feels relax and at home. It isn’t so much of the nerve-wrecking experience of her having been introduce to Nick’s family. She has every confidence in the world that they’d get along splendidly. But what had her stomach in knots is what itmeant to introduce her to his family. This is going to be a big step in their relationship and meeting the family is symbolic. It symbolized commitment. She’s been quiet awhile sitting on the couch while Nick’s scanning their DVDs searching for a Bridget Jones Diary movie.

It is a perfect night for both them until a phone call drops. It is from Jen’s PR agent calling her about the email they’ve send to her.

“Hello Jen. Nothing’s but only a good news my dear. Remember Katniss? She’s all yours”

“What?!” Jen let out a sudden sigh while grasping the idea. She stood up and walk past Nick trying to hide the conversation. It felt weird deciding about something big when surrounded by happiness. Her agent persuades her to get the role. Only one thing she answers.

“Can I ask time to think about it?”


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