Chapter 2: Let’s Do This Together

Zoe knows anything and everything about the kiss Jen and Nick shared in his trailer. But work is work for the two. When Math shouts action, everyone is transform into their characters.

The next scene they are about to shoot is the Magneto and Mystique kiss. Michael approach Nick before the take and patted his back.

While putting his fingers up to his lips,Nick jokingly says, “I want to see the kiss so that I can use it!”

Michael only shrugs with a teasing laugh. He couldn’t resist the chemistry of the two. They are too infectious! Jen is uncomfortable at first having a boyfriend who watches her doing kissing scenes. And he’s only wearing undershirt with his biceps bulking. She’s determined to end the take so she pulled it brilliantly. “cut!” Michael got up from the couch then wink at Nick, “sorry mate..”He smile nervously at him, tap his shoulder and exited the studio where the scene was shot. Jen got up too pulling a robe to wrap her Mystique figure. She approached Nick who was closed-arm. He sits behind the cameras, staring mischievously at her.

“Do you like it?” Jen teasingly ask Nick as she mimics his gesture.

“Yeah. You’re both good. But not as good like us! “ Nick banters in confident straightforward shrug.  Jen smirks and Nick got up. He puts his arm around her neck and kisses her forehead.

“ Im in Blue. Don’t put any kiss marks cause you’ll leaving a trace.” Jen stares at the tall man’s eyes as she wraps her arms around his body.

“ That’s my purpose. Marking you for me. “ Then Jen couldn’t hide how hilarious this man is.

Between takes, oh yes, when no cameras where rolling, that’s the time Nick and Jen where up to. James and Michael constantly tease both of them. Lucas, wicked Lucas tries to scare the off-screen duo by putting a spider-like toy on the couch where the two comfortably sits apart from each other. When Lucas drops the spider between them, Jen jumps quickly as well as Nick. She ran behind Nick, arms around his torso hugging him to protect her while digging her face on his shirt.  Nick’s reflex is to hold Jen who’s hiding in his back while trying to examine the spider.  Nick is scared of spiders too but this is the time he wasn’t supposed to.  He’s a man and Jen needs him.  Now with spiders! Oh geez No way.  You little fucking spiders! He said the spider is fake not only to relax Jen but also to convince himself that he’s not afraid of this creature, not in front of this girl. Everybody was laughing hard by the looks of these two. Jen and Nick then finally realized it was a fake spider and just laugh about their reactions. Obviously it’s embarrassing.

Shooting for X-Men is coming to an end. 3 more weeks and they will be packing up. Well not for everybody cause Jen and Nick’s scene had ended just weeks ago. The remaining days for the production team is for the scenes of other cast. Nick had an idea of going home for awhile and will introduce Jen to his birthplace and eventually to his family. While boarding the train going to Wokingham, Jen and Nick sits next to each other holding hands. Jen rested her head in Nick’s shoulder and the couple had another funny yet deep conversation.

“Your place is nice. It’s like boarding Hogwarts express and meeting Harry Potter afterwards” Nick beams as he remember that he audition for the role when he was still young. He then tells Jen about the whole history.

“What if you’re the famous Harry Potter? Can I still board Hogwarts like now?”

“Of course. I’m the great wizard. I can manipulate destinies. I mean… I’m not Oz.”

“You’re not cause you’re Beast! Your intelligence is much more realistic.” Nick just smile and but his insides were overflowing with delight. Suddenly he thinks he needs to say something to Jen. Words he never utter to anyone but only for her.

“I love you” Nick exclaimed as he leans sideward toward Jen’s head. Then he kissed her hands.

This is the real Nick. He’s a romantic genius. That’s why the Jennifer Lawrence was falling head over heels of him. She then hangs her arms around his neck kissing his cheek and his ear.

She whispers gently saying, “ Thank you. I love you so much… Nick”

They stare for seconds letting only their eyes to speak while Jen’s arms still hangs around his neck. Nick gives her a tender smooch.

As their heads are leaning to each other and only inches for breathing, Nick speaks softly saying, “ I want you to be happy. Your future is great I can see it. Lets do this together.”


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Move to Dubai from Abu Dhabi. Currently working as Financial Accountant. My profession never tells me who i am until i fangirl, read books, watch movies and do long night preppy talks over the internet. My ultimate dream is to own an empire. char! Began writing personal journals since 2000, eventually open this blog to publish the torn pages. Memories are my foods and I’d like to think that i have words smartly uttered.
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