Chapter 1: Blue Bubble Gum Monster

Nick is preparing for some audition he never need to. This is just one of those times wherein he only tries for luck. But before his departure going to LA, he stops by at his house in Wokingham. Magazines were at the top of their sofa table. Girls’ magazines. Obviously for her sisters. Men are very curious indeed and he picks the Esquire in which Jennifer Lawrence was the cover. He thought she was sexy and just a girl who poses on front covers being hot and daring. As he flips the pages for some guilty pleasure reading, his sister passed by from taking a shower. He stops and put the magazine aside as if nothing happens. He smiles like a boy who did something wrong.

“So, what are you up to? Going for some shooting?” asks Clarita, his younger sister.

“Trying my luck! Auditioning?..”

“For what role? Is that from Hollywood? Don’t tell me that would be some big budget Hollywood film?”

“You bet. X-men!”  Nick grins as if he already got the role but no, it was just a sideline audition because he still has a shooting for A Single Man.

Early morning, Nick has 1st trip going to LA for the audition. Faces are lining up for the coveted roles. He obviously doesn’t know which character he wants to portray. Along the line he asked a girl which character she would play so that he will have any idea what role he could take. As the girl turn around to face him, he was shock, slightly open mouth and stare the girl straight up to her eyes. It was Jennifer Lawrence. The girl from Esquire magazine.  He was not star struck; he just couldn’t believe that he might bump girls from front covers. Jen grimace and enjoys the look on Nick’s face. Nick stammers and couldn’t start a single sentence.

“You’re asking me what role I’m auditioning for.” Jen asks while Nick only nods shyly. “Mystique!”

“So who’s Mystique being link to?” Nick thinks this question will probably lead to something.

“I don’t know? Magneto…mean guys! Cause she’s mean.”

“Maybe I could audition for that!” The two smile to each other like a flirting couple.

At the end of the day, the casting crew announced the person who got the Magneto role. It was for Michael Fassbender. Nick did not get the role but at least he build friendship with Jen during those times. She got the Mystique part apparently. Jen approach him but it was Nick who hugs her at first. He is happy she got the role. She is happy she met him. Sometime in the near future, they could be co-stars and Jen is very optimistic about that. Nick is excited about Jen’s future because he saw how talented she is. Before saying goodbyes, they exchanged numbers.

Nick was leaving LA and continues shooting for the wrap up scenes for A Single Man. At the hotel where he stays temporarily for the production, the casting crew of X-Man called him. Great news! He got some role. It was not Magneto but rather Beast. He is told to be at LA by tomorrow afternoon and have to get the 1st trip immediately. Things are turning fast. His mind is flying after wrapping scenes with Colin Firth, then shooting with X-Men next to James McAvoy. Then he remembers Jen. She got the part. He got some part. They are co-stars. He smiles secretly while boarding a plane. As he landed in LA airport, his phone rings. No name. He forgets to put a name from this contact. Hello?

“Hey! I know the news. You got the Beast part. Congratulations.” It was a girl from the other line.

“Yeah. Thanks. Sorry. Who’s this?” Tight lip. Fearing this question will ruin his relationship with the person from the other line.  “No. I’m just kidding!” The call was from Jen, his instinct tells him to.

“See you in sets Beast boy!” And the line ended. He’s extremely happy she called even not sure if the call was from her. Love at first sight. No not really. Love from first call. Nick proceeds to 2oth Century Fox studios for character reading. This is necessary for the producing team as well as from director Matthew to further see how Nick will pull the role as he will be portraying a romantic monster. He got the appearance clearly. Tall, shy, gentle and maybe could pull a fierce side. As Nick got the script, the scene is where he shares a dialogue with Mystique. Wait. It’s really Mystique. Fucking no. This is really strange. The last time he asked Jen what she was auditioning for so that he could catch up with her. Magneto was the guy but then things turn into his favor. Beast is the lucky guy. He beams happily.

Everything is set during the pre-production of the film. Character sketches, costume designs, location setting, green-screens…trailers for the cast! The very first scenes were outdoors. At Oxford wherein Jen acts alongside James McAvoy. She was a people person. She enjoys working, acting and making people laugh. The scene is about Charles Xavier convincing people about his research and a notion that being a mutant is only the surfaced but beneath is the human soul. At one point, James and Jen were having conversation about their characters point of view. She likes Charles Xavier’s idea and she compares it to being an actor. Doing acting is just like anybody’s job but then you’ll end up being scrutinized and treated differently like mutants. People will see you as someone who could be free to talk about and forget that actors are humans too. The heated conversation where ended when Jen suddenly burst into laughing. James was entertained. She is indeed very outspoken woman. But Jen said she was just being dumb and no filter. She doesn’t intend to convince James, she only wants to amuse herself because she’s not in front of the camera. She thinks that that’s the only topic she could pull on during the break with James.

After Oxford scenes come the Xavier school shot at Berkshire, England. The whole cast met each other for the first time.  James, Michael, Rose, Zoe, Caleb, Lucas, Jen and Nick. Trailers are lining up as their temporary rest house. James and Nick shared trailers, Zoe and Jen without a doubt, Rose only shared with the girls once until she ask her own trailer because she couldn’t seize up their closeness and feels insecure. Caleb and Lucas turn also into roommates.

The scene they were shooting was the exterior shot wherein they have to pose and look amazed facing Xavier’s house that will turn as Xavier’s school. It’s a fun shot. Looking astound and surprise about the massive house. When the scene is shouted as cut, chatting with co-stars are lot more fun. Zoe and Jen were talking about Zoe’s fashion in which Jen admired. Nick interrupted agreeing to what they were saying. Looking like adorable, he hands them two orange juices to start some conversation. Nick is having a friendly chat with Zoe asking her about her character. This might deepen his connection with Jen as he tries to know other cool people that could be her long time friend. It’s not meant that way but he just like being around with Jen so much and knowing her friends would not be a bad idea after all. The three started a fun friendship alongside the other cast. Shooting the X-men was enjoyable. It’s like running and getting in shaped while laughing and being inspired. It seems Jen and Nick was super comfortable with each other and sharing flirty smiles along takes.

Next scene that they will be doing together is the one on a wind tunnel. Nick is genius when taking the shy Beast act as if it comes from him naturally. This is where they will say “Feeling Normal” in unison and will share a supposedly kiss when Magneto will interrupt them. As the director shouted the takes scene, Jen and Nick are already in character delivering their lines. Jen was distracted on how Nick stares at her. He is so pretty. It’s melting her. She’s annoyed on why did she fumbles when the scene requires her to offer her arm to Nick for injection. But she’s an actress and a big liar. She got the scene with brilliance. They both are perfect but onscreen, the chemistry is complex. They have random thoughts with each other of course and focusing on the role’s emotion can be tricky when their own feelings are more diverse and straightforward.  Nonetheless, doing scene together is much more pleasure. Having done the ‘feeling normal’ shot, Michael as Magneto is not ready to enter the scene as he was stop by the costume team when his outfit was slightly rip at his back. Jen is coming to kiss Nick but no Magneto will try to stop this time. Not thinking of anything, Jen continue to get nearer Nick’s face and she did it. They shared quick kiss. A kiss that was faster than a lightning. Then director Math shouted as “cut”.

“This is X-men, guys. Not sex Men.” Math jokingly said.

“Oops. Sorry” Jen beams widely and Nick just laugh it off feeling shy about the incident. But it tickles him burning his insides with happiness. Jen moves ahead away from Nick as possible except Nick can’t hide his face. He’s blushing and turning his face to red. At the back of Jen’s mind was the fact that Nick returns her kiss. After they perfected the scene with Magneto, everything turns to normal apart from Jen and Nick drops the bomb for the whole cast.

After the happening, Nick and Jen tries to low-key their feelings by having a random chat with other cast. The two didn’t figure out what’s their real score besides they know they like to be around with each other.

Shots of their normal appearance is over, next is the costume phase. Both Jen and Nick have to undergo their own painting session. Jen will be cover in blue being naked around 7 make-up artist for 8 hours. Nick will be wearing Beast’s monstrous face with furs. It is a like long day for both of them. When they are both ready taking the scene, Nick went to his trailer to mirror himself. He is shock and amuse by his appearance. He laughs at his reflection. Not knowing there is another person from his trailer, someone is laughing behind him. He turns around and saw the scaly-blue Mystique. The naked only covered with paint and thin costume layered Mystique. He silently gulps his saliva.

“Sorry Nick. I didn’t ask your permission from using your loo. I horribly painted it with blue. Your trailer is the closest to where I can dispose this shivering piss after they harass my body with this itchy coat.”

Nick has this gentle Beast look after he saw Jen being this too sexy. She goes beyond his expectation after he first saw her in the Esquire Magazine. She’s obviously not just the girl who poses on front covers being hot and daring. She’s now at his front being half-naked but there’s something more mystical about her. She’s too special that he couldn’t comprehend and too precious that he wanted to do anything to make her happy. I love this girl, Nick says it to himself. Without saying a word, Nick gently kisses Jen cupping her face with a Beast hand. They both shared a passionate kiss inside the trailer. Jen moans silently and ended up putting her arms around Nick’s neck. This is the moment to seal the deal, Nick thinks. Mystique and Beast, the blue mutants, could be monsters from the outside but a romantic connection underneath is very possible. When they finished the kiss, Jen laughs so hard when Nick says something.

“Taste like bubblegum. Blue bubblegum dip in paints. How’s my fur blocking your face?” ask Nick with adorable smile.

Jen laughs so hard she couldn’t stop it. Then Zoe approaches the two after hearing Jen’s loudest laugh. She’s stun seeing the monster friends while looking puzzled. She throws them a naughty smile signaling the two might having some fishy scenes behind their back.


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