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Every time i faced my computer, cant resist to open my twitter account. Its not because i want to respond to those who tweet me back but its because i want to dig info to some local artists. yes! I’m an avid fan and i cant take not to browse twitter page of those celebrity. But aside from me getting attached to them, i discover some of life’s importance. Here are some findings:

1. Anne Curtis


Aside from the fact that she’s the prettiest in the local TV, she’s one of the hot topic I and my friend Gagang talked to. Way back then, we are really hooked up in the soap opera Maging Sino Ka Man in which she was paired with Sam Milby not only on-cam. Since then, we’re looking forward for this hot couple. Whenever news came out, its like we can talk to it the whole afternoon during spare time.  But when the two broke up, its not just a bad news. Its a disaster for us! Coincidentally, it is also the time when we are advised to shift from our degree program. Double misfortune that is! From that time, i did not expect that we will talk her even more. We usually prophesied their destiny. Gagang still believes in their magnetic aura. And I bet that they will remain friends forever! Every time before Gagang leaves from her house, she watched Showtime just to see Anne’s clothing. And me, her twitter account. If there’s a chart for the country’s best bud paparazzi s, that will be Us! We made a pact then that whenever Anne and Sam will have a movie together, we will watch it even if it hurts our own schedule or if there’s distance problem as long as we will watch it together. Finally there’s Babe, I Love You. We made it even if  I and Gagang both have separate careers now.  Funny it made us 3- with her hubby! Now, I send bad news to Gagang all the time about our favorite love team going separate. She was like gaga over that and now, another subject to chat with. In spite of this, it makes me  smile knowing that we still have ways to bond. Aside of Anne being the hottest, she too is the sweetest friend to her pals. I know it sound  jologs but these things does not only makes me a fan but also a FRIEND.

2. K Brosas


She’s not new to the industry and she’s not that popular but i believe, she’s way better than just a performer. Just recently, my friend posted some link from YouTube. That is when she literally interprets the song Tuwing Umuulan into a dance. Its very entertaining. After then, i search her twitter account and I’ve found out that its much much more entertaining pala! laughtrip talaga! wapaak! Not only her twitter but also her MMK-like blog , that i like the most. I’ve read her journey and she’s a real person. She shares everything without exception. Every night, it supplies me of lots ‘n lots of air tummies. It was reading like a comical strip and I’ve discovered that she entertain me more than what Bob Ong books has to offer. I did not say that she was better than him but i cant deny the fact that she tickle me more from her witty advices. She did not finish any degree of creative writing but the thoughts and notions she laid down from her blogs are way funnier. I have to say that in order for one person to be a good author, he/she has too must have a heart for the reader. It inspires me knowing that everyone could be an author as long as you’re happy writing your views in a way that a reader also had been delighted from your composition.

3. Jasmine Curtis


She’s not into showbiz..yet! But her popularity is some kind leveled with her ate. Apart from being  a sister to Anne, I can see that she’s promising into the media.  As i skim through her Twitter and  Facebook account, most audience were excited to be her in the limelight. And that’s a positive indication of a mass’ acceptance. However, Jasmine choose to go private for education. Live like a normal teenager. Sometimes it made me think why certain people chose not to pick out opportunities -that they’d said it knocks only once. Chances were you find yourself being regretful on the things you did not decide on OR you’re always hopeful on the things that is yet to come. I’m on the verge now of choosing the Go or the Turn. Go for the breaks and the jobs that is being rest on my file or Turn to becoming a student again in order to achieve my  dream of having a professional license. Its really hard to decide especially if the two alternatives were preferable and fair all at once. Just like Jasmine, then maybe I’d rather choose the Turn route because time will come where i can say Go!

4. Tata


Superstar not under the lights! A figure not for the public! A hero not yet to be praised for! But an icon to me, to papa, to ate, to kuya and to nanang! Obviously, its Mama. She’s my no.1 idol. As far as i know, she played the most numbered character in a theater scene…in our life. She became an independent woman during her time. A teacher to a stud who’s still learning how to read and write. A merchant that is so clever both in terms of money handling and employee dealing. A daughter who turn to be the benefactor to her mother despite siblings rivalry. A lovable wife who’s still strong not to give up vowed commitment in spite of rational differences. And a mother that is so so exceptional. No words could ever described how grateful I am. Surprisingly how avid I am as a fan to most personality who I’d only seen on TV the closer i get to know that the star of my life is just one call away. No matter what it takes she’s the most notable person that a fan could ever admired of. This maybe late for a mother’s day but everyday is her day!

It is so wonderful knowing every person is not insignificant. Every other man has a place on others life puzzle. It may not be directly but at least the idea of existence realized.

Live Life! Love Freely! Pray Hard! Everyone is Happiness!♥♥♥


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Move to Dubai from Abu Dhabi. Currently working as Financial Accountant. My profession never tells me who i am until i fangirl, read books, watch movies and do long night preppy talks over the internet. My ultimate dream is to own an empire. char! Began writing personal journals since 2000, eventually open this blog to publish the torn pages. Memories are my foods and I’d like to think that i have words smartly uttered.
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