the Start of the End

Last Friday, June 11, 2010 was the official day of me becoming a student again. This time, I redeem my title as Accountancy student. But before the small victory, of course, I and Ed had undergo first some non-negotiable catch. We had 3 days to pursue our desired end.

  • Wednesday, June 9. Just the night before, Ed texted me that the department chairperson will be available for consultation by tomorrow. It gave me hope since that key person was hard to find. 10am appointment! I would never and will never attempt to be late, so i arrived exactly 4 minutes after 10.  Expectantly, its still sir Elmer who entertain us with those unanswerable queries. There’s no signs of sir Salon not even a shadow. Hours passed. We had lunch already. Still don’t know what tomorrow promised. On the other side, it gave me a chance to know more about Ed and he to me. We talked about our own reason of choosing the Turn direction. I just found out that i had more reason to proceed. 2pm. Some student leader assumed that sir will appear by that time. He never did. Then rumored 4pm arrival when some accountancy student hoped to have favorable negotiation with him. We are bunched of spectators now. He never did for the second time. Even though it doesn’t give us a positive indication of chance, I’m more aggressive to fight for what I believe best for myself. 30 minutes before 5pm, before offices will have to close, before that day will pass, I have to do something that even our existence will get noticed. The only choice i know was to inquire Ma’am Dean about uncertainties. I get the chanced of interrogating her particularly our fate in enrolling again as accountancy stud. Without much vague excuses, she just said what i wanted to hear. Our actuality has just been recognized. She said that the chairperson had already prepared a program for us. That only 3rd and 4th year subjects will be covered. Although there has some definite answer, there is still a need for special screening via sir Salon. One day down, 2 days to go. At least for that day, it contributed to some progress.
  • Thursday, June 10. yesterday’s hardship gave me hope for the day’s another adversity. The schedule for the date was 3pm screening. That’s why I’m so calmed in the morning and  yet  had a good time surfing the net until Christy send me a shocking update. Sir Salon was in the court as early as 8:30am. Amazing as it is! But its past an hour before i read the SMS and i still haven’t took a bath. So i moved as fast as i could. I texted Ed about the update and let him do the screening first since his house was not that far from school unlike me. Quarter to 10am to an hour of budgeted travel. Almost 11:30 am and presto! I caught sir Salon in the faculty room. Without any preparation, I stand in front of sir and asked about the program. He can’t answer in  for a sec before i provide him my transcript. He scanned it. Interrogated me. And manually credit my grades. He asked me again from teachers to subject codes to even choosing what to retake between cost and advance from law and tax. He even asked opinion from the evaluator in which I don’t like the recommendations in the first place. But my expectations have been met. I am retaking and getting only board exam subjects in 2 years curriculum. I can see now some light among clouded sky. Ma’am Shie, my evaluator, just gave me my study load on what to take up for the semester. 12 units. Still unsatisfied. Had my lunch. Get a little a rest. Ready for the next step. Finally, Ed was in the scene. He had his sort of storytelling bout being out of sight this morning. Even if I already got my evaluation, I still have lots of queries for sir Salon. We waited again for the next hours. Met a particular friend- Marlon and had a plenty of time for some chit chat. Time’s ticking. We hang on in the review center for chikas with colleagues at the same time waited for another encouter. Past 30mins after 6pm, finally met again the key man. This time I saw the sun! Can’t for tomorrow.
  • Friday, June 11. Im surprised. I did not feel any worries nor excitement. 10 am again. All are set. Had my downpayment. The mood was set as enrollee again. First stop, evaluator. Request for an additional load. No sweat. Next. get a green form. Unfortunately, i did not. The required deposit was P3000 and I only have P1000. So what i did, I got home. That was 10 mins after 11. 2 hours after, i got it! After, slot reservation. As expected, almost all the subjects that we have to take were closed. We got back to evaluator anticipating a hocus pocus unlocked-the-block. Negative! Our alas, sir Salon. Luckily, he was resting in the faculty room. We request our point and never surrender. We want an answer and we want it straight. In our favor, they consulted the office of VP-Acad for our request. Almost 2 hours had passed. We never gave up. We still insisted and never leave the room without a good news. Then come decision. Open it! We immediately return to the evaluator then to the encoding area without farther ado. Select our desired schedule. Pay PTA fees. Sign the form. No. Sir didn’t sign it because of slight error in our evaluated form. Again, evaluators’ job. In the end, we got the slot! We finished our end 10 mins before 5pm..before the deadline!

That was a miracle i ever experienced. God answered our prayer. Its not easy but its the best!

NEVER say DIE! NEVER say NEVER! STOP not when you are TIRED but STOP when you are DONE!

For the next 2 years, I WILL and NEVER WILL stop what i have already been STARTED. I will FINISHED THIS!!


About larrythess

Move to Dubai from Abu Dhabi. Currently working as Financial Accountant. My profession never tells me who i am until i fangirl, read books, watch movies and do long night preppy talks over the internet. My ultimate dream is to own an empire. char! Began writing personal journals since 2000, eventually open this blog to publish the torn pages. Memories are my foods and I’d like to think that i have words smartly uttered.
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