2XU Compression Run Experience

Friday the 13th was tag a bad luck day but that doesn’t hold true, not even in any day or for forever. April 13 2018 – the 3rd and final leg of X-Country Run sponsored by 2XU happened and I don’t want to pass the opportunity of not participating any marathon before summer hits. So I signed up along with a few motivated friends and my brother. It was a good good day and a lucky one.

After I got to run my first 10KM last January in Standard Chartered Marathon, I have come to realized my inner passion of beating the track. Running is not my cup of tea. I view it as stressful challenging and unexciting. My “heart” is not so used to beating faster, uhhmm physically, and catching my breath is the norm. I grow up to mountain biking and the thrill of sight seeing so running, I never thought I could do it or even pursue. Thank God I’m surrounded with equally motivated people. Im so grateful for having Marla not only as a friend as well as my work out partner ever since I started this journey. Then there’s also Nicah and Lei, and Leariza and Rosing who makes every night running sesh something I look forward to after work. If not for them, I might not take a second look of this path. So thank you friends.

Back to 2XU Compression Run. When I found out this, I’m so excited of participating a marathon sesh again and I did not only imagine myself finishing the course but also my friends as well. I already told Marla that my other bucket list is to run with the pack that if they are half-hearted to continue with the event, I will force register them. As the day passed and the event getting closer, each one of the group were having difficulty of attending the training. Then it leaves to only me and Marla. So I sign up the two of us and I “force register” my brother. 🙂 I guess we’re the only three or so I thought. At the last minute, Nicah accepted the challenge. She’s the last person I wanted to attend. Having to run with the three made me very happy.


All the more, seeing my brother finish the course got me so so proud. He did not undergo proper training warm up and honestly I’m afraid he might collapse along the way. But he did not failed me himself. Im happy listening to his shared experience. woah #yabang lol.


The trail. None of us expected it to be that CHALLENGING. We’re novice to this but challenge accepted and ACHIEVED!


To more running sesh and medals. yebaah!

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Waxing till its aching no more

alright after a long hiatus of not updating my page i just have to post this one for the books! i have tried brazilian wax! i know its important for us girls to have a clean body, generally speaking rather, and it pays to have hairless down under. After the ritual, i feel like i am reborn to a new breed of humanity. It somehow boost my confidence AND as my hair was pulled over it also weed out my hair-insecurity. I wont bother posting this. i am proud of it. hahaha

So basically i’d like to dedicate this corner to Ms. Sweety who have patiently wax out all the hair she could see, the screams & blabbers i shouted & the sweet funny remarks she shared. okay. As for a first timers out there, i get asked often of “how does it feel” and “is it not awkward to spread your legs and let a stranger take a peek on your pussy” Id go with super nervous & shy of course. it takes a lot of guts and esteem. My flower’s a garden & i guess a lot of women too! Take note, we did the waxing with 4 women inside the room casually talking. They can actually stare at my flower & judge my hygiene. But who cares with them. They cant hurt my ego. Thankfully, they’re not like other women. Turns out all of us had a good laugh. They find me funny. I really did it on purpose so they wont remember my pussy. hahahah

For contacts of Ms. Sweety Salon…

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7 Tips for Building your Business while working your Day Job (2 min read)

1. Commit yourself to your dream. Having the desire for something to work vs. committing to it are vastly different. When you commit to your dream, you are making a binding obligation to see it through to success. It means you are “all in,” you find solutions when faced with obstacles and you don’t quit, no matter what. […]

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Write To Express

Been into blogging for almost 7years. Still i treat myself as novice and beginner in terms of writing in cyberspace. I used to write my inner thoughts and feelings in my personal journal. It is so intimate that sometimes i need to hide it inside my cabinet. (hahahh petty ones) But then life is meant to be shared. So thats why i decided to open a blog. Not only sharing my journey on top of that i ponder that blogs are also meant to be engaging and a little of informative to your reader.

Basically whats in it that you need to write. Are insights keep flowing in your mind that you need to share it in some way productive. Hardly find the words to express your feelings that even starting to write a single phrase is difficult. Even more difficult if the language you will use is not your mother tongue. I am too! Now i will share to you some of my personal reason on  why i continue to blog;

  1. I write to account my life’s journey. I want to write how i feel in a particular moment. It may be in my happiest state, disappointments or realizations.That bulb light stuck in your head may need to be written so that you may want to reread it again and see the bigger picture.
  2. I write to practice my 2nd language. I want to practice more about my written english structure. Though sometime i felt like i can give more on the content but by writing it in other language your vocabulary as well as understanding of the topic widens. You speak considering the other perspectives.
  3. I write to distress and meditate. I treat this blog on a personal level.This is the extension of my journal which i write some of petty mundane musings and also my other form of praying. Its a two-way talk, i write then i read. i write for myself. i write for God papa Jesus. i read to listen and i read to meditate.
  4. I write to share my learning. Personal experience is a better teacher to anyone that includes myself. As i  grow and try to read what a 12yr old self wrote, its funny that i can still learn something. How fragile and sensitive i was back then. i was bullied but then i victor over it. Petty fights. These things i wanted to teach my old self that i was a warrior ever since. Whatever comes my come way i just look back how courageous i was then i’ll be reminded.
  5. I write because i find joy in it. Do what makes you happy. Thats it.
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